8 e-health startups in Uganda increasing access to better health care

One of the biggest factors that drives innovation world over is convenience, the ability to get the things that people need the most at their door-step. Well, this is the case for Uganda’s e-health sector with top e-health startups in Uganda that have transformed access to health care for many Ugandans today.

With e-health startups in Uganda, the hospital comes to you where you access services like taking blood tests wherever you are, order for medicine through web applications and even get in touch with a doctor virtually where you can get a consultation and make appointments. This is the list of e-health startups in Uganda working towards such change and much more.

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List of some e-health startups in Uganda.

Insta Health

Founded by Brenda Katwesigye, Insta Health is a health information app that allows anyone with a feature phone or a smartphone to access health information instantly. It uses geo-location and an interactive voice response (IVR) system to instantly connect users to health centres, specialists and ambulances, whilst also providing an instant first aid guide, doctor consultations and health awareness information. This service is built on very simple technologies that more than 40 per cent of the country’s population can access.

In November 2013, Brenda Katwesigye was named the winner of the ITU Young Innovators Competition, which financed the project. The government of Chad has provided extra funds since then.


Founded in 2017, Matibabu provides digital solutions in the fight against malaria with a mobile app that is easy to use. It can track, log and report your current wellbeing. This program is a non-invasive system extension which provides up-to-date information without going to a health centre or hospital. It also has Matiscope technology for early diagnosis of malaria.

It has received funding of USD 100,000 so far.


Founded by Onyancha Chrispinus, clinicPesa tries to fill the gap between healthcare and the uninsured with an affordable and accessible mobile healthcare platform. The platform provides digital micro-savings and loans for payment of medical and prescription bills. In addition, the platform offers online payment for healthcare services via phone, bonus through annual interest and build a credit score.


ClinicMaster is an advanced patient knowledge and billing application. It automates visiting transactions and regular treatment for patients in the facility. ClinicMaster is a device that does not rely on pen and paper but rather explicitly types notes to the computer, In order to make the specialist easily aware of the prescription, allergy, recent examination reports and others, your medical history will be in one electronic register. ClinicMaster is extremely customisable and can be used by any health provider on a standby device or on a network that fulfils several demands.


Ugamed is an online platform that allows users to book an appointment with doctors and hospitals. The platform allows users to search for the healthcare professional based on location and speciality across Uganda.


Dokitari operates a telemedical applications network. It enables patients, depending on the specialisation, to register and look for their doctor, and to consult through email, mobile or video conferencing software. It provides multiple subscription plans to visit the doctor either using a model based on a questionnaire or by teleconsultation instruments.


PillFinder is an app that offers a prescription service. The user can check the prescription needed on the app or where the app provides a list of pharmacies offering the medicine or where they are located. The app also creates a market for the consumer to search and buy cheaper medications.


MamaOpe is a Ugandan-based device and software company which develops creative solutions for improving access for people in a low-resource environment to quality health care, offering them a decent opportunity in their lives. It uses acoustic technology to detect vital signs of respiratory disease from the different lung positions on the anterior and posterior.

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