8 reasons why Telegram is better than WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been struggling to get back on its feet ever since it announced the controversial new terms of use that were supposed to take effect soon after the announcement was made. With serious backlash, the company seems to have let the update go. The messaging platform’s doom worked in favour of other similar apps like Telegram and Signal.

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The two have made incredible progress since and this looks like it will last for a long time. The social media platform has since made several changes to its app with bigger and better updates to improve customer experience.

Even without the supposed terms of use coming into effect, users seemed to have moved on. Here are some of the reasons why;

Here are some amazing Telegram features

The self-destructing messages

In Telegram, you can set a timer for your sent messages to automatically self-destruct in secret chats. The waiting period options range from a few seconds to a week, and the message will be cleared from both the sender and recipient’s device.

Unlimited Storage

Telegram has unlimited server storage. So whenever you’re in a regular chat that stores the information on their servers, there’s no limit as to how many texts, media files, and documents you can send and receive.

This means that you don’t have to worry about the app setting a limit or quota to your account for files sent.

Secret chats

Secret chats in Telegram have a number of privacy-centric features. They have an added layer of security with end-to-end encryption.

They also include other privacy measures, such as sending an automated notification in the chat whenever someone takes a screenshot and allowing you to enable self-destructing messages.

Saving Messages on Telegram

If there’s a particular message you want to revisit, there’s no need to locate it in the chats. Telegram lets you save messages, which you can access via Saved Messages in the settings. The feature acts as a useful pinning or bookmarking feature—which is especially useful when you want to remember something for later, such as an address or reminder a contact has sent you.

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Message Scheduling

If you come up with a great response to something but don’t want to send it right away, or if you want to send a nightly check-up text to a loved one, you can schedule the message on Telegram.

This feature is slightly hidden though: type your message, hold down on the blue Send icon, select Schedule Message from the popup, and set the time and date.

Appearance Customization

Telegram boasts a wider range of built-in appearance customizations than WhatsApp. There are seemingly endless chat backgrounds that can be further customized, even with ombre colours.

The chat bubbles and accents can also be personalized with solid or ombre colours, plus you can change the shape of the message corners and text size. You can even choose different app icon styles that will be viewed from the home screen.


Telegram has a channel feature as well. Channels are similar to group chats with a few key differences: the number of participants is unlimited, and the creator of the channel can control who is allowed to post in the channel. Those who aren’t allowed to post can only view the posts.

With all these unique features, it looks like Telegram has slowly won people over and will continue to see more progress as it ensures that customers get a full experience through the platform.

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