A peek at the features of Bobi Wine’s armoured car

Opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi received his armoured car early this week as a donation from his supporters living abroad. It is believed that a group of them collected money that they used to purchase Bobi Wine’s armoured car for his safety citing different instances especially during election campaigns where his life was threatened more than once.

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The Landcruiser V8 was made known to the public in a picture where the opposition leader was seen standing next to it. In the same post, he thanked those that managed to donate the car to him and showed appreciation for their continued support.

Features of Bobi Wine’s armoured car

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We will share the basics of what is known about the car so far. Bobi Wine’s armoured car is a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 which is highly popular for armouring because of its reliability and longevity. It is considered to be one of the toughest armoured vehicles and can operate in tough environments in regards to temperature and terrain.

The bulletproof SUV that costs about UGX 500million can contain extra weight added to it of almost a tonne that is needed for reinforcement and could be about 3000 kilograms. According to car enthusiast Victor Ampuriire, armoured vehicles usually come with an extra layer of thickness that you can observe by simply looking at the door.

Components of the glass are fused together at high temperatures to ensure that the glass which is about 1 inch thick provides high protection against varying sizes of bullets while maintaining see-through ability.

Ballistic steel plates are added to the doors, tires, shock absorbers carry the weight without a problem. Heavy-duty suspension and heavy-duty brakes are added to carry the car’s weight. To compensate for the increase in the car’s weight, door hinges are reinforced.

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According to another car enthusiast Keith Atuma, the bulletproof SUV offers the highest protection level and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr in 12 seconds with a petrol engine of 5.7 liters and a diesel engine of 4.5 liters. The Ballistic Fuel tank protection covers are designed to withstand blasts from hand grenades and anti-personnel mines.

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