How to get in touch with the Airtel Uganda customer care number

When Airtel suffered its latest shutdown this year, customers were stranded and left frustrated as they didn’t know what to do to resolve the issue. Have you ever had to submit a request or file a complaint when you require assistance with a service? When you can’t discover direct ways to interact with the company in order for them to help you, it can be rather annoying.

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Getting in touch with Airtel customer care is not an easy process. However, customers can seek help from the telecom company on their toll-free number, 100. Calling on the company’s toll-free line does not give you a direct route to a customer care agent. You have to go through a few channels before you can talk to one.

Here are steps to get access to Airtel Uganda customer care number

  • Dial 100
  • After dialling, different options ranging from digits 1 to 6 will be read out to you.
  • Select option 3 which is the ‘Data and Internet settings’ option.
  • Choose option 4 which is the option for ‘Other data inquiries for internet settings.’
  • This will get you in touch with an agent at Airtel.
  • Despite the fact that the option is under the ‘Data and Internet settings’ category, one can seek help in any other category.

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Alternative ways to get to Airtel customer care

Social media

Seeing as the customer care number might not be a direct route an hence time-consuming, alternatives can be explored. Airtel has a number of social media handles where it engages with the public as it makes communications on various topics.

One can find Airtel on Twitter via @Airtel_Ug. Simply send a direct message to the handle and they will get in touch with you. Response time differs as there are chances of receiving feedback immediately or after some time.

While on Twitter, another way to communicate is by tagging the company’s handle in a tweet addressing any issues one could have.


You can send an SMS/text message to the Airtel number, 100.

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