Airtel Uganda’s Vast Network campaign strives for better connectivity

The telecom giant is working to provide better services through the Vast Network campaign which will allow more Ugandans to get access to network connectivity. Airtel Uganda’s Vast network campaign strives for better connectivity through improved service delivery while getting more people on the network. The company announced this campaign during the commissioning of a mast in Kigunga, Mukono district.

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Airtel Uganda’s Vast Network campaign will improve service delivery


During the commissioning of the mast in Kigunga, the Airtel Uganda Network Director Rajesh Agrawal said, “I am optimistic that the positive strides that Airtel Uganda is taking to enhance service delivery, through Vast Network Campaign, improved network infrastructure for our customers and responding with appropriate products, will improve the services offered to the residents of Kigunga and surrounding communities in Mukono District.”

He further explained, “With better connectivity, communities will be able to improve their lives through trade, education and commerce, and enjoy the full offerings of Airtel Uganda’s reliable network. Offerings such as; video conferencing, video calling, video streaming, gaming services and mobile internet access are all now accessible at the most affordable rates across Uganda.”

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Airtel Uganda has proven itself over the years as a reliable network with projects in place that prioritize customers and their needs. Today, there are still areas in Uganda especially in rural areas that are hard to reach where people still lack access to stable networks.

In an effort to change this and maintain a stable network, the telecom company has set up over 2,000 sites and layover 3,900 kilometres of fibre across Uganda covering 95.9% population, making it possible for subscribers around the country to enjoy an improved experience in internet-based activities.

Fredrick Kagimu the Mayor Mukono Municipality, commended Airtel Uganda’s Vast Network campaign which is proof of its exceptional work and for achieving another accomplishment in a deserving community.

“Allow me to congratulate Airtel for a continued role in the intentional development of Uganda by ensuring the availability of reliable telecommunications services across the country.”

With the country at only 18.8 million internet subscribers, this shows the need for more digital inclusion. The company is working towards driving these numbers up through initiatives like Airtel Uganda’s Vast Network Campaign and several others like the Kwata Essimu initiative.

Kwata Essimu is a pay-on-demand service that will increase access to the internet by creating affordability for smartphones while providing smartphone financial services to under-served consumers and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and is poised to generate improved economic possibilities for people and businesses.

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