In their recent communication, Anonymous responds to Bobi Wine also known as Robert Kyagulanyi who is the lead opposition currently. The hackers known by their Twitter handle Anonymousx64, a group consisting of some members of the well known Anonymous hackers have become popular on Uganda’s internet in past days after launching a cyber attack on websites of government of Uganda like the Parliament of Uganda website.

Twitter user Anonymousx64 made its first official communication to Ugandans on 16th January as many were offline during a nation wide internet blackout. The hackers tweeted links, emails, passwords and other login details of administrators in the ICT department of the Parliament of Uganda.

The links that give you access to files within Parliament’s database are still available and have been downloaded by many despite being very heavy in size. The group of hacktivists said in their first official communication that they were doing all this in response to the nation wide internet blackout that the group deems as unfair and suppression of people’s freedom to of speech and information.

Anonymous responds to Bobi Wine promising files.

In a tweet, Anonymous responds to Bobi Wine promising to deliver certain files on their Twitter page as soon as possible and asked people to keep checking the page in the days to come to receive more information. This has created a lot of suspense and many curious about what else Anonymousx64 has in store for Ugandaans.

The hackers have now launched an operation they are calling #OpUganda which stands for Operation Uganda. If you’ve been up to date with the group, you’d know that this means they’ve launched a full operation committed to continuously hacking whatever system they’ve targeted. This time that it is OpUganda could mean that the group has just started its work and is not about to stop.

Anonymousx64 has made its goal clear from the start and that is ensuring that Governments are transparent with their citizens. It surely looks like the group is determined to follow the goal all through to the end with Ugandans as it has promised to expose the corruption that runs in the country bit by bit.

The hackers’ main medium of communication is Twitter so its advised to stay hooked on the app to stay updated with any new information.

The Uganda government websites that were taken down amidst the blackout were Parliament of Uganda website, URA and UCC. Others said to be hacked include media house NBSTV website and former Executive Director Jenniffer Musisi’s Twitter account.

This recent communication where Anonymous responds to Bobi Wine comes at a time of high political tension in the post election period of the recently concluded elections. Whatever it is that Anonymousx64 promised to deliver to the opposition leader, we cannot wait to get our hands on it either as the hackers advised people to keep checking their Twitter page for updates.

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