Apple bans ‘Vybe Together’ app for throwing secret parties despite COVID-19 warnings

Apple recently removed an iOS app called Vybe Together that was organizing secret parties and sending invites to people in the United States. The App had established itself fully with accounts on social media apps TikTok and Instagram had a clear vision and that is very clear in its slogan, ‘Get your rebel on. Get your party on’.

In many parts of the Western world, countries seem to be enforcing tighter restrictions than ever before to control the spread of the coronavirus as cases keep rising. However, all these efforts go to waste when the citizens are also putting in their most effort to see that they try to enjoy life like it was before COVID-19.

The inability of many to adjust is what drives such incidences as the creation of the ‘Vybe Together’ app.

Once you download the app, you have to send in an application to be accepted. The app will look through your application to verify as to whether you can use the app. The app’s creators said that this helped them avoid possible snitches.

At the time of being removed, the app’s creators said that they had a few thousand users and a thousand applicants who had not yet been accepted. Vybe Together had so far organized a few parties that they say were small gatherings and not ‘large gatherings’ like the ones that have been made illegal in the United States.

Speaking on behalf of Vybe Together, the creators say they’re very much aware of the dangers as a result of large gatherings and that’s why their parties were organized to contain just a few people claiming that everyone’s health was their priority

The app is currently banned by Apple and its account was removed from TikTok.

The United States is currently at a peak of 20.5 million cases and counting and has suffered 350,000 deaths since the virus’ outbreak.

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