Huge decision by Apple to remove lightning ports for iPhones and other devices.

Apple could be moving towards wireless charging faster than we think. The tech giant might be working on plans to do away with its lightning ports for iPhones and other devices in the future.

It’s not the first time the company ditches ports on its devices. It killed the headphone port starting with the iPhone 7 lineup and all other devices released after. Now new rumours are circulating that the lightning port might be next.

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It might not be such a bad idea after all since we’ve seen more phone companies moving towards creating more space on their latest devices by doing away with parts they deem unnecessary.

As much as the lightning ports for iPhones are required for charging and other functions like sending files, it’s just another inlet for water and other stuff to enter the phone. This, however, is not a strong enough point as to why it should be removed.

What would removing the lightning ports for iPhones and other devices mean?

This decision could have many impacts on the customers and outside the company’s target market. If this goes through, a few years from now anything that you own that connects to that port will become completely useless. If you choose to upgrade to a device that doesn’t have a port in future, any cables, chargers and memory sticks will not have much use.

Let’s consider the number of lightning accessories that will be dumped. There’s already enough e-waste to go around and this would just make things much worse. Enough users replace cables and adapters every day because as everyone knows these accessories don’t really last long.

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iPhone users might be forced to embrace wireless charging. Wireless charging has however been noted to be agonizingly slow as compared to using a lightning cable.

Another downside that comes with wireless charging basing on reviews from people who have used MagSafe, this particular charging system requires special phone cases with built-in magnets that line up your iPhone for charging. Now, these can be quite rare.

MagSafe is a wireless charging system that was unveiled at the Hi-Speed event on 13th October 2020. The only iPhones that offer MagSafe are those in the iPhone 12 series. Each phone comes with a ring of magnets built around a Qi charging coil.

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MagSafe charger. Courtesy/

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