Chipper Cash marks 3rd anniversary with amazing promotional offers

African Cross-border money transfer and payments app, Chipper Cash, is today marking its 3rd anniversary. Founded in 2018 by Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moujaled, the company is celebrating its day with promotional offers to its customers.

There is a limited-time promo of a 5% discount on airtime purchases until Friday this week. Also, Chipper Cash users are going to enjoy a 20% cashback on all data purchases.

Chipper Cash services

Chipper Cash plies its trade in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, and the UK. Currently, users are able to get instant no-fee local P2P transfers and the best rates on cross-border money transfer, discounted airtime purchase, and cryptocurrency trading.

This is with the availability of Bitcoin and Ethereum on the app. Users can send and receive crypto on the app, be it to settle a bill or send someone urgent help using the currencies available. All this is possible as long as both the sender and recipient are on the Chipper Cash app. The app is working on adding more currencies to boost crypto transactions on the platform.

Ugandans are now able to receive money directly from the UK. Also, the app lets them make MTN data purchases in the app with other telecom companies coming on board soon.

The app has collected some funding from investors in recent months. The fintech business closed a $13.8 million Series A round from Deciens Capital and other investors in June 2020. In November 2020, the African cross-border fintech startup raised $30 million Series B led by Ribbit Capital and Jeff Bezos fund Bezos Expeditions. To this, you add the $100 million Series C round was raised this past June.

Hence, Chipper Cash has gone through three rounds totaling $143.8 million in a year. However, when the $8.4 million raised in two seed rounds back in 2019 is included, this number increases to $152.2 million. This raised the company’s status and made it one of the other African startups that have reached unicorn status while marking it as the most valuable startup in Africa.

Features coming soon on the Chipper Cash app

The app is launching its virtual cards product in various markets. We told you about the Chipper Card in our article on virtual cards. This is a free, pre-funded, and reloadable virtual card that can be used for online payments. You can easily book flights, subscribe to Netflix, or buy anything online.

To claim your Chipper Card, please ensure your Chipper app is updated to the latest versionThen log into your Chipper Cash app account, tap the “Card” tab, tap “Claim Card“, enter the requested information, and tap “Looks Good!” once completed. Tap “Continue” and your Chipper Card is ready to go!

There are also plans to launch the ability to invest in stocks on the platform. Apparently, this will begin with the purchase of US stocks. Reports indicate that the move will also be followed by the expansion of the app into the US market, the way they entered the UK market. Other country stock markets will be added to the app upon getting regulatory approvals and gaining the trust of users in these countries.

Users should also expect the expansion of the bills payment feature on the Chipper Cash app with the addition of utility payments such as UMEME and National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC). This will make it easier for customers to make prompt payments for their utilities without moving an inch.

Other features and services that the app soon includes Chipper checkout that is designed specifically for the business community to facilitate payments. The company is also working on a Chipper’s Network API to enable acceptance of payments, sending of payouts, and managing businesses online.

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