Digital safetea: A fun new way to learn about online safety

Games can help you calm your thoughts and relieve stress. But that’s not all they’re useful for. They can also be educational and interactive. As you play, you could learn a lesson or two that could be helpful in real life such as how to stay safe online. If you’re up for some educative fun, then the digital safetea game would be a great place to start.

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Social media has become the most convenient means to communicate with others. If you were to contact someone today, many individuals would prefer to be contacted via text message rather than a phone call. Because of the expanding number of social media users, there is a greater possibility of finding those who make the online space uncomfortable.

These people can be stalkers, harassers or anyone that puts you in a position that makes you feel unsafe online. Often, people are not aware of how to help themselves in the occurrence of such situations as some deem things like social media breaks as solutions. However, this is only temporary.

A place to find more permanent solutions for different situations has been developed in a bid to teach people especially women how they can keep themselves safe. Pollicy teamed up with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Uganda and Paradigm initiative to develop an interactive game that fosters digital safety for women.

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This fun project provides digital literacy to women in a creative and fun approach. There is little access to information on how women can keep themselves safe online. Even the current efforts like blocking and muting are not as effective.

The digital safetea game is an interactive fiction game that is based on the stories of three young women from across Africa. To join them on this quest, visit to play and learn more about them. The game presents scenarios to learn about existing and emerging digital safety issues.

How to play the digital safetea game

At the start of the game, you choose the language of your preference, then proceed to choose a character of your choice among the three women. You then go ahead to live through some real-life scenarios of the women’s lives online and the situations in which they can be harassed online.

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The game is educative all the way as it shows you how you can protect yourself on different platforms. Like how you can make a report on Twitter. It also encourages users of these platforms to check the privacy settings of these platforms to know how to secure themselves and their accounts more.

There are different guides on how to deal with situations like impersonation or catfishing, being targeted by harassers, leaking of nudes. At the end of the game, you are awarded with a certificate of completion.

Feeling unsafe online is a challenging situation since it can be difficult to explain as some people may not recognize the problem you are trying to describe. This makes the situation even more depressing as the alternatives for keeping safe online are few.

We are seeing a change in how these situations are being tackled with more efforts towards digital literacy, to avail people with information and tips on what they can do to take care of themselves. This is a step towards improving digital safety and improving the ways in which we handle situations of online/cyber harassment.

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