A new way to discover content with the DStv HD decoder

With hundreds of shows to view across all DStv channels, the choices can get overwhelming and customers end up missing out on exciting new shows and channels. With this challenge in mind, DStv went about researching ways to make it even easier to deliver the right content, to the right subscribers, at the right time, while taking into consideration the device they are watching on.

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This is where the DStv HD decoder functionality comes in. The blue button on the DStv remote can now be used to find recommendations that can be viewed immediately or saved for watching later, through a reminder. What makes the HD decoder blue-button recommendation different is that the content being recommended will be based on the subscribers’ current viewing habits. The functionality will be available without having to connect to the internet.

In a statement to the media, Joan Semanda Kiiza, the PR and Communications Manager, MultiChoice Uganda said that

We are very excited to introduce the new HD decoder recommendation function as it means our DStv customers no longer have to worry about memorizing their favorite shows and when they are meant to be airing again, they can just simply press the blue button and their most-watched and suggested shows will appear.”

She noted that “Customers can enjoy new shows, set automated reminders for airing, and explore a wider range of content they may have not been exposed to. What is more, subscribers do not have to buy a new decoder or connect to the internet, they can access the functionality on their existing HD Decoder.”

The HD decoder works through a technology MultiChoice developed called C.R.I.S (Content Recommending Intelligence System). How it works is that, like a robot, every time our customers watch particular shows, they are teaching the C.R.I.S more about their viewing habits. Over time, C.R.I.S becomes so familiar with their most loved TV shows, that it can recommend other shows customers will like, but may not have been aware that they exist.

“This HD content recommendation feature is new, unique, and tailored to make viewership easier and exciting for our subscribers,” Semanda remarked adding that, “The CRIS function is one like no other across the continent and is a first for the MultiChoice audience, Uganda inclusive. At MultiChoice, we believe that viewers can catch programming suited for them especially from the channels, shows, and programs mostly watched by the viewer.”

“C.R.I.S is just another way that DStv is harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence the ingenuity of our team to design human solutions, and deliver on our promise to enhance our audience’s viewing pleasure. Ultimately our subscribers should spend more time watching the shows they love and discovering new ones,” she concluded

C.R.I.S is now available for all DStv consumers using their existing HD decoder.

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