Fascinating e-learning program launched in Busoga through the Ministry of Education

An e-learning program launched in Busoga on 28th March 2021 at Isenda Primary school by the Ministry of Education in partnership with non-government organizations, Teach Uganda and War Child Holland will encourage more students to pursue their studies during the pandemic. This move will enable the pupils to catch up with their studies as many have been left behind due to the inability to afford learning materials like TVs, radio sets and laptops.

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E-learning program launched in Busoga approved by the NCDC

The e-learning program launched in Busoga will help kids learn and get skills in literacy and numeracy through a fun gaming approach. The National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) has approved the digital learning site since it covers critical areas required for the children in P1 to P3 to acquire crucial skills.

E-learning has become the norm world over as schools and institutions had to find ways to ensure that students can still study despite many of these learning facilities’ closure. However, the majority of learners have struggled to stay on track with their studies because of some of the requirements e-learning entails. This has led many especially those in rural areas to miss out since they can not afford the needed reqirements.

The government is working towards solving this issue through a number of initiatives and working with organizations that can help increase access to e-learning. One of the initiatives by the government is the proposal to buy solar-powered iPads which will be handed out to families in rural areas. These iPads will be equipped with a number of subjects installed to enable learners to continue with their studies.

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According to Nile Post, the state minister for education, Rosemary Seninde, who was the chief guest at the occasion, said the digital learning program will help accelerate the learning skills of pupils. She also appealed to other schools elsewhere to adopt the digital learning program since it helps pupils gain the courage of attending class besides improving on the vocabulary.

The executive director of Teach Uganda, James Arinaitwe said they decided to adopt the digital learning program in community rural schools after discovering that most pupils who had been hit by COVID 19 were left behind simply because they could not afford access to channels of education like television sets or radio sets.

He also said the e-learning program launched in Busoga helps a child especially in lower classes adapt quickly compared to classroom education since he would be in control of the system.

During the launch, the learners showed off products that they made during the pandemic to the guests as part of an exhibition. In addition, guests were entertained by performances from the learners.

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