How Netflix games will work (and why you should get excited)

This past week, Netflix wrote to its investors about something new coming up: Netflix games! The company stated that it is in the “early stages of further expanding into games” as an extension of experiments that it has done. What began as a DVD shipping company, turning into a movie and TV show streaming platform, before venturing into making its own movies and TV shows, is now likely to be a video game streaming service.

To prove that the issue was serious, it was reported that Netflix had hired an executive to run this upcoming games service. But you and I will wonder, how will Netflix games work? We have gathered some information to build the argument.

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How Netflix games will work

What we know so far indicates that the games will be bundled for free into Netflix’s main app. This means that, for a while, these will be primarily played on mobile devices. However, we may eventually see a migration to TVs. Netflix believes that some of its games will connect in some way to Netflix-owned franchises. But we can not rule out the adoption of some existing games and brands from other developers.

The company also thinks the main value of its games will be in keeping existing subscribers more engaged in the Netflix app, and thus less likely to unsubscribe. This means that Netflix expects a little more new subscriptions from gamers and those with a keen interest in gaming.

So, why should you get excited?

You and I will as well agree that Netflix, as a brand, represents movies on the cloud. A branch into games would be something completely new and different. Actually, the company allows that it doesn’t really know anything about making and hosting video games. But it says it didn’t know anything about making its own content until 2011, and it has bever looked back.

We have seen the big tech companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google all giving gaming a shot – but there seems to be a missing link. Could Netflix have it? We can only watch on and wait for what the company will have to offer in the near future. For now, fingers crossed!

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