A simple method on how to open up a muele account on Makerere’s e-learning platform

The new academic year is here and as the University plans for its probable phased learning which will involve a combination of physical learning and online classes. Some requirements are key like knowing how to open up a muele account (Makerere University e-learning) to allow students especially the first-year students manage their online classes easily. We’ll take you through a brief tutorial to get you well prepared.

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Here is an easy method on how to open up a muele account for students.

To get started on how to open up a muele account, search for muele.mak.ac.ug in your browser.

You need a MUK email address. If you don’t have one, go to https://answers.mak.ac.ug/support-and-training/who-contact-ict-help-your-college where you will access a list for college contacts that you can write an email to and they’ll create an email address for you.

After receiving your email address, return to the muele home page and click log in.

Click create a new account. Follow the prompts where you fill in your username and email address, first name and surname. Ignore the password area first and fill in the other areas.

Proceed to password which must have at least one digit combined with capital letters and small letters.

After entering all the information, click create account.

Go to webmail and log in. There, you’ll find information that will let you complete your account registration.

In the email, you’ll receive a link which you’ll copy and paste in the search area for your browser.

Now that your account is ready, you can make a few edits whatever is most relevant to you.

To make changes like adding a profile picture tap the area where your name is and click edit profile.

For example if you want to add a picture, go to new picture tap the blank area to upload a picture.

Choose upload file and tap choose file. You can then choose a picture of your choice from your documents on your computer.

You can go ahead to make more changes that you think are necessary. After following these easy steps on how to open a muele account successfully, you can proceed to use the account for online classes.

For any queries, you can call for assistance on (414) 531343/437. You can also follow Directorate For ICT Support-Makerere University on its handle @DICTSMakerere for more support on how to open up a muele account.

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