How to place an order on Glovo in Uganda

Getting access to basics like food has become quite difficult during the lockdown. With tight restrictions on movement and public places as a move to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. People cannot physically make purchases in markets, malls and other shopping areas following the President’s directive in June. This has left people with very few alternatives, one which includes online stores.

Uganda has seen a boom in online delivery services since the beginning of the pandemic last year as a total lockdown was effected in March. Online delivery services surged as people who once looked at them as a luxury now relied on them heavily to get access to the basics they needed. Glovo, a delivery startup joined the online distribution landscape in Uganda market at a time many would refer to as convenient.

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Hard as the lockdown was, there was an added advantage of meeting a market that was in dire need of the company’s services. With the existence of powerhouses in the online delivery business like Jumia and SafeBoda, Glovo still managed to stand out with its subsidized delivery rates, making it quite attractive to the population.

Glovo’s services

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Glovo provides online delivery services through its platform, the Glovo app which customers can download to access a variety of products. These products are categorized under different sections like the shops and gifts section, food section, supermarket section, Glovo party, and pharmacy. Another unique category is the express shipment category where you just simply ask a Glovo rider to pick up something for you and have it delivered to you.

Glovo has risen through the online delivery business which can be attributed to a number of factors. A major factor that people can attest to is the subsidized delivery rates making it one of the most preferred options. Recently, Jumia slashed its delivery rates on the Jumia Food app, a response to the ongoing competition.

Delivery prices on the Glovo app range from UGX 1,500 to UGX 5,500. For the food section, they range from UGX 1,500 to UGX 5,500. Delivery prices for pharmacy and shops and gifts are at a standard UGX 3,000. For the Glovo party section, the price is UGX 1,800.

Affordable delivery fees are quite encouraging to the customer seeing as many people have been cut off from their sources of income during this lockdown and are trying to save.

Glovo has earned praise for completing deliveries in the quickest time possible, with only a few instances of deliveries taking significantly longer than stated on the app. Customers receive their orders within 40 minutes to an hour being the latest. The company’s efficiency in regards to timely deliveries has earned it a growing customer base.

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Here is how to place an order on Glovo in Uganda

If you wouldn’t want to miss out on what Glovo has to offer, we’ll walk you through the process of how to place an order on Glovo in Uganda.

If you have not downloaded the Glovo app, simply visit the App Store or Google Play to get it on your device.

After a successful download of the app, set up your account with your details as you follow the prompts.

Now you can scroll across the various sections of the app to select the items you want.

Select the section you want, let’s say ‘Food’.

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Choose the restaurant of your choice.

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Then make your order by choosing your item from the available selection.

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There will be some minor details like the size of the meal you want, toppings and extras. This depends entirely on our preferance.

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In case you want to order for more than one item, you can head back to the previous page to scroll through the menu.

Now head to checkout, where you will fill in details for your delivery to confirm your order. The details include the time you want the order to arrive, your phone number and payment method which includes mobile money on Airtel or MTN, debit/credit cards or cash on delivery.

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After filling in all these details, tap confirm order as you wait.

With these easy steps, you can have what you need to be delivered to you with the least effort in the shortest time possible.

What can Glovo do to make its services better?

Just like all online delivery services, Glovo has its fair share of challenges and complaints from customers. At times, it can be hard for companies to keep up with an ever-growing demand which results in issues like delays in delivery, non-responsive applications and more. Companies need to be aware of such issues and work on them.

Without proper customer care contacts from Glovo, customers are usually stranded with nowhere to turn to when they experience issues with their orders. The only available options to contact are through the app and the company’s website which provide specific options for specific problems. However, these are not convenient enough in case a customer’s problem falls out of the available options or in case the given solution is not working.

Even the company’s social media handles don’t help much as people are unable to send messages directly. This not only affects the customers but could also make it difficult for the company to receive feedback on their end to know how they can adequately improve their products from time to time.

Another cited challenge is the limited coverage of the company as it covers only locations within Kampala and a few outside of the main city centre. Those outside the geographical reach of the company’s services are left out. However, this could change very soon as the company unveiled plans to expand to more towns.

In April this year, Glovo announced that it was working on an expansion strategy to reach more cities and in turn work with more businesses to meet the market’s needs.

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“We started in Kampala and now looking into expanding to another town in the next one or two months. We are yet to make a decision but the top contenders are Jinja and Entebbe,” said Stephen Ruhohi, Head of growth and marketing in Uganda and Kenya.

The company also still has a significantly low vendor base, that is the number of shops available on the Glovo app are still few compared to other apps like Jumia and SafeBoda. Despite the availability of some of the top restaurant and supermarket brands, it is critical to provide a diverse set of vendors to give customers on the app more options.

The rate of growth for online ordering and restaurant delivery has steadily increased and is expected to continue as people slowly adapt to the new normal. With the ongoing pandemic, it could slowly become many people’s reality. It is important for online delivery companies to take advantage by improving their products as they identify customer needs and understand what is truly important.

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