How to protect messages on Telegram with a passcode

Discover how you can keep people from snooping through your chats on Telegram. We’ll go into the details on how to protect messages on Telegram with a passcode on Android and iOS to give you full protection from outsiders. Telegram has been doing well lately with the fame it has garnered in the past months. As the messaging app enjoyed massive numbers of downloads globally, it has also worked hard to reward its users with the coolest features like the voice-chat feature and the ability to import chats from WhatsApp to Telegram.

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Telegram comes with an app-based passcode lock that you need to activate in order to lock other people out. This feature works well but one thing about it is if you forget the passcode, you’ll have to delete the app and reinstall it. You’ll restore all your chats but lose all the secret chats so it is advisable to be cautious and pick a passcode you can remember.

Here is how to protect messages on Telegram with a passcode on Android.

Telegram Passcode Android

You can block access to Telegram by simply locking the app with a passcode and fingerprint on Android to get assured protection against outsiders. Simply open Telegram, on your phone, then tap the three-line menu button found in the top left corner.

Go to Settings. Select ‘Privacy and Security’. Tap Security where you will choose Passcode Lock to turn the feature on. Create a four-digit passcode then enter it again to save the passcode. The passcode has now been activated. You can unlock with a fingerprint. The “Unlock with Fingerprint” feature will now be visible and you can disable it if you don’t want to use it.

Telegram auto-locks after one hour. You can choose the “Auto-lock” option to switch time between 1 minute to 5 hours. You can also choose the option to disable the auto-lock option. Once it is disabled, you have to remember to manually lock your phone every time. You can do this by choosing the lock icon from the “Chats” screen.

Every time you open the app you’ll need a passcode or your fingerprint depending on what option you chose.

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How to protect messages on Telegram on iOS.

Easy steps for iOS on how to protect messages on Telegram. iPhone users can protect their messages on Telegram with a passcode and use Touch ID or Face ID.

Open Telegram on your phone and go to Settings.

Then choose “Privacy and Security.”

You can then choose “Passcode and Face ID” option.

Go to “Turn Passcode On”.

Enter a six-digit passcode. Tap the “Passcode Options” to choose different passcode options.

You can choose a 4-digit code or Custom Alphanumeric code.

The passcode feature will then be enabled after you enter it again to confirm. This will automatically enable the Face ID or Touch ID unlock feature. You can disable either by simply turning the features off.

Just like for Android, Telegram locks the app with “Auto-lock” by default after one hour. You can change the time frame by tapping “Auto-lock” and choose the time you want from 1 minute to 5 hours.

Change Auto Lock Options in Telegram for iPhone

If you disable the “Auto-lock” feature then you have to manually lock the app by tapping the lock icon on the Chats screen. The next time you open the app, it will automatically scan your face or use Touch ID to scan your fingerprint. If these don’t work, you can enter your passcode.

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