How to stop notifications from turning on your iPhone screen

Are you tired of notifications waking your iPhone or iPad and making your screen light up? By using Do Not Disturb mode or changing your notification settings, you can stay in the dark. Here’s how to stop notifications from turning on your iPhone screen.

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Easy steps on how to stop notifications from turning on your iPhone screen

Turn on “Do Not Disturb” Mode

Apple includes a feature that can quickly silence any iPhone or iPad called “Do Not Disturb.” While active, Do Not Disturb silences incoming calls, messages, and notifications by default, but this can vary depending on how you have it set up.

To enable Do Not Disturb mode quickly, first, launch Control Center on your iPhone or iPad, and then tap the Do Not Disturb button (which looks like a crescent moon).

iphone do not disturb control center

Alternately, you can launch Settings, tap “Do Not Disturb,” and tap the switch beside “Do Not Disturb” to turn it on.

With Do Not Disturb enabled and your iPhone or iPad locked, incoming messages and notifications won’t wake your device’s display. To turn off Do Not Disturb, launch Control Center again and tap the Do Not Disturb button until it’s no longer highlighted.

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The Deeper Fix: Disable Notifications on Lock Screen

If you don’t want to use Do Not Disturb mode to keep your iPhone or iPad from lighting up when you receive notifications (if you still want all incoming phone calls to come through, for example), you’ll have to dig into your device’s notification settings.

The good news is that Apple allows you to disable lock screen notifications for any app. The bad news is that there is currently no way to edit notification settings across all apps at once, so you’ll have to individually disable lock screen notifications for each app that is waking your device.

To do so, open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

iphone tap settings

In Settings, tap “Notifications.”

iphone settings tap notifications

In Notifications, scroll through the list and tap the name of the app that you want to prevent from waking your screen. In this case, we’re using Messages as an example, but you could do it for Facebook Messenger, Signal, Twitter, FaceTime, or any other app.

iphone notifications messages

In the app’s notification settings, tap “Lock Screen” to uncheck it.

uncheck lock screen

After that, go back one screen and repeat this process for any other apps that you want to silence on the lock screen.

When you’re done with the process on how to stop notifications from turning on your iPhone screen, exit Settings, and you’ll no longer see notifications from those apps on the lock screen. As a result, notifications from those apps will no longer wake your iPhone’s display. Peace at last.

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