How to watch and download VJ junior movies

Lounging and watching some movies after a long week sounds like the perfect thing to do on a weekend. There are a variety of options to choose from on the available streaming platforms. Today, we take a look at how to watch and download VJ junior movies for those who prefer VJ junior movies or translated movies.

Not all translated movies on the market are narrated by VJ junior. There are more VJs on the market and we shall show you how to watch and download VJ junior movies along with movies from other VJs of your choice.

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There is some spice added to the movie when its translated and this is why the movies could be wildly popular. Most translated movies are translated in luganda seeing that it is a more familiar language to the majority of the population. However, that doesn’t mean that movies are only translated in this language.

If you have always wanted to watch a translated movie or as many call them, VJ junior movies, we discovered websites where these movies are at your disposal for you to enjoy at any time.

A list of websites to watch VJ junior movies

Katandika butandisi

Katandika butandisi, this is a common intro you hear at the beginning of any translated movie, which means “it has just started”. Well, the website is available with the latest movies and series of different genres ranging from romance, adventure, action and so much more that you can enjoy. You simply go to the website and scroll through the movies available.


Mobifliks seems to avail a wider variety of movies and series that people can choose from. Showing off all the latest releases, you can find these already translated on the site and ready for you to watch. It also has classics, series in English, Korean series, cartoons and Christian movies. To watch, you have to subscribe with different options to pick from.

  • For 1 Month (30 days) access at UGX. 5500 
  • 1 Week (7 days) access at UGX. 3500  
  • 1 Day access at UGX. 1500 only

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Munowatch is also another website that you can access to watch VJ junior’s movies. Still, with a variety of genres and also a number of movies from other VJs, you can choose your preference and enjoy binge-watching. You can also choose which VJ’s movies you’d like to watch since many are listed on the website. There is a free and premium plan for the website. The premium plan gives you access to an unlimited number of movies to watch and a subscription for it is only UGX 30,000.

VJ junior movies can also be found on YouTube. You just simply type into the search box VJ junior movies and take a look at the different options that will show up in the results section.

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