Infinix HOT 10 Play vs HOT 10: Take your pick

Infinix Mobility recently launched the Infinix HOT 10 Play in Uganda on 9th March 2021, the latest of its devices under the “HOT SERIES”. Just like its predecessor, the HOT 10 Play comes with a number of tempting features that would make a holder of the HOT 10 wonder whether it’s time to switch up.

In this article, we’ll take a look at both phones and their specs and leave the rest to you as you compare which one you’d prefer to buy. A look at the general specs, and you’ll notice a minor upgrade from the HOT 10 to the recently unveiled HOT 10 Play.

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Infinix HOT 10 Play vs Infinix HOT 10

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The Infinix HOT 10 Play features a superb 4GB RAM. However, this can’t be compared to the HOT 10’s 6GB RAM which implies that you should expect top performance from the device.

Internal storage

The two devices give you enough room to store and even run several applications in the background. The HOT 10 Play device comes in two variants -32GB and 64GB. The device comes with an additional 512 GB of storage for a memory card. The HOT 10 is available in two variants—128GB and 64GB. It can be expanded with 256 GB with an external SD card too.  


The Infinix HOT 10 features 6.78 inches while the HOT 10 Play features a notably wider display of 6.82 inches. Both devices come with a 720 x 1640 display resolution. The wider screen of the HOT 10 Play makes it even more fitting for an excellent visual experience.

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Dimensions and weight

Manufacturers experiment with new designs and models all the time, this can be witnessed in the differences in weight and dimensions of the two devices. The Infinix HOT 10 Play is slightly heavier and has higher dimensions than the HOT 10. While the HOT 10 Play weighs 207g and measures 171.8 x 78 x 8.9mm, the HOT 10 weighs 195g and measures 171.1 x 77.6 x 8.9 mm.


There is a minor difference when it comes to the pricing aspect making the HOT 10 Play more affordable as it was initially launched as the cost-effective device in the “HOT Series“. The HOT 10 Play device currently retails for UGX 430,000 while the HOT 10 currently retails for UGX 560,000.

The differences between the specs

SPECSInfinix HOT 10 PlayInfinix HOT 10
Internal storage32GB / 64GB micro SD up to 512 GB64GB / 128GB micro SD up to 256GB
Display6.82 inches6.78 inches
Dimensions 171.8 x 78 x 8.9mm171.1 x 77.6 x 8.9 mm
Weight207g 195g
PriceUGX 430,000UGX 560,000

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