Infinix Note 10 vs Note 8: Here’s the news and the difference

Infinix Mobile unveiled the new Infinix Note 10 Series in Uganda this June, precisely 7 months after its predecessor – the Note 8 – came to the market. You may wonder what happened to the Note 9, well this never made it to the manufacturing stage! Much as the two devices try to prove the fact that they belong to the same lineage, there are some differences that you can not miss.

Let’s take a look at the key differentiators between the Note 10 and the Note 8, and a few reasons from which you should decide to upgrade.

Infinix Note 10 vs Note 8: Display

Both smartphones possess a 6.95 inches IPS LCD display screen, something we can assume is the new standard at the Infinix brand. When you look closely at the two, you’ll notice that the Note 10 seems to have a lot more space to play with than the 8. But that won’t count for someone that knows how to use their smartphone screen all through.

The key difference comes with the resolution. The Note 10 promises an impressive 1080 x 2460 pixels compared to the 720 x 1640 pixels that the Note 8 has to offer. If you are the kind that wants to see every detail of the imagery and videography that you are watching, the Note 10 is the definite pick!

Winner: Infinix Note 10

Infinix Note 10 vs Note 8: Software

Software plays a big role in the way you feel about using a smartphone. Infinix is known for producing both user-friendly software and releasing smartphones with the latest versions of Android to go along with. This is evident with each of the Notes in comparison.

The Note 8 was released at a time when Android 10 was at its peak, thus coming with it coupled with the Infinix XOS 7.1. The Note 10, o the other hand, came with Android 11 plus XOS 7.6. And of course – to keep up with the trends – if you are to choose between software based on release time, the most recent will win the day.

Winner: Infinix Note 10

Infinix Note 10 vs Note 8: Camera

The Note 10 comes with 3 cameras on the rear. These are A main 48 MP, a 2 MP for depth, and a 2 MP for monochrome. This is supported by a 16MP selfie camera. The Note 8, on the other hand, came with 4 cameras on the hind. These included a 64MP sensor and three 2MP cameras. The front of the Note 8 has 2 selfie cameras in 16MP and 2MP sensors.

Winner: Infinix Note 8


In terms of performance, both smartphones live up to the bill. So, if you are looking to enhance your experience in terms of hardware and software, the Note 10 is the best pick. However, if the Note 8 camera is a much better performer than the Note 10’s, you can stick your guns to the predecessor. As for us, we recommend an upgrade!

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