What you need to know about internet cookies and their privacy issues

We know that a cookie refers to a packet of data that identifies your computer. It’s important for you as a regular browser to know more about internet cookies and their privacy issues. Internet cookies exist to track your online activity and observe your visits to a site or application for a number of uses that will improve your user experience. Some cookies will only track your sessions on the website, others streamline your login information like username and passwords so you don’t have to remember them all every time you log in.

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We’ll explain in detail which cookies you should worry about and the possible dangers. First of all, you need to know the categories of cookies available. There are two types those are first-party cookies and third-party cookies.

In reference to the SafeBoda privacy policy, the 13th clause explains how the app will use cookies. The app has its own cookies called first-party cookies which it will use to observe user data and be able to provide them with a better experience on the app. There is control over such cookies and the company can take extra precaution to ensure that user data remains protected and private.

Then we have third-party cookies. While using the SafeBoda app, you could receive cookies from other sites. These are third party cookies and will usually come through ads. The company has no control over them and what they might do so the safety of your data can’t be guaranteed.

How to deal with internet cookies and their privacy issues.

The fact that these cookies in one way or another are tracking your web activity might raise some concerns that is why it is helpful to learn more about internet cookies and their privacy issues. It feels a bit like snooping and no one would feel safe if they knew this is what was happening.

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There is a way to make them optional if you have some concerns but it could make browsing a bit more difficult for example you’ll have to remember your password every time you wish to log in to a specific site. Remember that online store you were shopping from, without cookies you’ll not continue from where you left off but rather start afresh. Dealing with these internet cookies and their privacy issues needs to be done carefully keeping in mind some consequences that might arise.

You can allow or refuse cookies with these simple steps. To allow cookies, just go to Settings of your browser > Privacy. Click the boxes to allow the cookies. Sometimes you will see “Allow local data” instead. If you don’t want the cookies, simply uncheck all the boxes.

Removing cookies can be done if you have privacy concerns though it will be difficult for you to browse the web since you’ll always be starting afresh rather than where you were the last time. Find Settings > Privacy section which can sometimes be found under Tools, Internet Options or Advanced. Follow the prompts on how to manage or allow cookies.

To help, here are step-by-step instructions for removing cookies from the most popular web browsers.

Another way to reduce the threat of cookies in case there is any is through the use of a VPN when browsing. With a VPN, the cookies will track your connection to a remote server instead of your local computer. All these options will help you deal with internet cookies and their privacy issues in any way you think is best.

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