iPhone 13 rumors and leaks

The highly anticipated phone could be months away from being released but that doesn’t stop the iPhone 13 rumors from circulating about what it might look like and what upgrades to expect when it’s finally out. Apple is still silent about the iPhone 13 leaving everyone else in the dark about possible features and other things people will be curious about like the price.

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Here are the iPhone 13 rumors

What will the phone be called?

It could be the iPhone 12S or iPhone 13, we’re not really sure yet. We’ll go with iPhone 13 for the sake of differentiating models.

We’ve seen the company ditch the S-series in favour of increasing the name by one like it did with the release of the iPhone 12 only a year after the iPhone 11. 

Either name could be in our future, but for now, we’re going to go with iPhone 13 until the release date.

When will the iPhone 13 be available?

More of the iPhone 13 rumors are that the phone could be available in the third quarter of this year most probably in September or October this year.

Typically, Apple announces new iPhone models sometime in September and then releases them a few weeks later. That timing was pushed back a bit in 2020 due to the pandemic, with the iPhone 12 lineup launch split between Oct. 23 and Nov. 13. 

How much will the iPhone 13 cost?

It’s too early to know how much the phone could cost but we are all familiar with Apple’s prices and can estimate a range. Hopefully, there isn’t a huge price increase.

Pricing seems to always be the hardest piece of information to know before Apple announces it. With the announcement still several months away, there isn’t any indication of what to expect when it comes to the iPhones’ price tag.  

What will the iPhone 13 look like?

Apple just changed the design don’t expect it two years in a row. There is anticipation of a smaller Face ID notch.

Apple just completely revamped the overall look of the iPhone line with the launch of the iPhone 12 and its flat-edge design. Because of that, we don’t expect Apple to drastically change the design of the iPhone 13, if at all. 

There are some reports that the Face ID notch that’s been at the top of the iPhone’s display since the iPhone X is getting smaller, so that may be one slight design change. Otherwise, outside of new colours, don’t get your hopes up for a new design. 

What kind of features and specs will the iPhone 13 have?

Rumors are all over the place right now. No ports and the return of Touch ID but until the phone is here, we’ll never know.

Features and specifications will be something we can start to find out closer to the announcement, but right now, reports are all over the place and likely include stuff Apple is working on, has worked on, or is considering to work on. 

For example, last year, rumors indicated we’d see an iPhone with a display refresh rate of 120Hz which didn’t happen, and it’s unclear if it ever will. It’s possible Apple is still working on a faster display and it was always meant for the iPhone 13. 

There’s also some speculation that Apple will get rid of the Lightning port on the bottom of the iPhone. Instead, Apple will use its new MagSafe technology to charge the phone and sync data. Another possibility is Apple removes the Lightning port and replaces it with a USB-C port, as it has on the MacBook, iPad Air, and iPad Pro lines. 

Source: venturebeat.com Apple’s MagSafe charger

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Another rumored feature is that we’ll see the return of Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint sensor tech, in the iPhone 13. Only instead of being embedded in the home button, it’s either going to be moved to the side button, like the fourth-generation iPad Air, or embedded under the display, as we’ve seen on several Android phones and tablets over the last few years. 

Either option would be welcome, especially with facial coverings rendering Face ID almost useless.

Either of those rumors can be founded in fact or wishful thinking, it’s hard to say right now. What we can expect is for Apple to put a faster processor, a better GPU, improve or keep battery life the same along with upgrades to the camera.

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