Here are amazing offers from the Jumia Anniversary sales 2021


In honour of its nine-year anniversary, Jumia Uganda has unveiled its mega campaign with great deals for its customers. The annual campaign dubbed the Jumia Anniversary sales 2021 runs from 14th June to 30th June and offers discounts of up to 60% on both the app and web platform, which users can enjoy.

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The campaign features discounts on essential items such as 1kg of sugar at 3,000 UGX, box of face masks at 7,000 UGX. For those that will be working & studying from home, the campaign will offer discounts to help ease the process, these include deals on laptops starting at 862,000 UGX, hard drives and many more.

The different offers under the Jumia Anniversary sales 2021

Supermarket commodities 60% off

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CommoditiesOld price (UGX)New price (UGX)
Kakira Sugar 1kg4,2003,000
Bundle of Coke 2ltr, Minute maid 1ltr, Fanta 2ltr, Rwenzori 500ml, Free 350ml14,5009,000
Ariel detergent 1kg9,5005,900
Fanta 2 litres4,5002,500
Imperial Blue 750ML24,70017,900
Bliss Toilet papers 1×10 rolls11,5009,000
Domestos Toilet cleaner hamper 500 ml20,2009,650
Elmaleka Penne 3,2001,900
Temmy’s Choco scoops 7,7005,000
Ziena spaghetti1000900

Style category with 67% off

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CommodityOld price (UGX)New price (UGX)
2 pack of men’s faux leather belts90,00028,000
4 pack of unisex polo shirts 130,00069,000
packs of 3 mens’ Khaki trousers110,00099,000
Womens’ breathable leisure shoes62,70029,000
6 pairs of ankle socks 13,0008,800
Oxford lace up shoes65,00045,000
Tassel detail leather shoes59,00040,000
off shoulder midi dress39,80035,800

Phone and Work appliances category

CommodityOld price (UGX)New price (UGX)
Golf G80 power bank 10,000 mAh70,000 29,000
Samsung Galaxy A12 700,000549,000
Samsung Galaxy A20s700,000499,000
Tecno Camon 171,000,000599,000
Redmi 9A700,000364,000
Samsung Galaxy A02500,000380,000
Xiaomi Band 5218,00095,000
Redmi Hot 9600,000499,000
3M HDMI cable 40,00015,000
ITB USB 3.0 External drive280,000190,000
1TB ROM External Hard Drive 210,000169,000
Flexible USB Silicone gel full-sized keyboard40,00015,000
Hp 240 G7175S1EA1.4M1.2M
Lenovo 14″ V14-IGL 1.4M1.099M
Asus VivoBook 11.6″900,000861,400
Lenovo Notebook V14-IGL27,00021,500

Ron Kawamara the Jumia Uganda CEO said, “The theme for this year’s Jumia Anniversary is about celebrating the every day, so what we have done is ensure our consumers enjoy the best prices on their everyday items from groceries to fashion and home appliances.”

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He also added, “This is an unprecedented time for us and as some lockdown measures are being reinstated, we want our consumers to trust that we will deliver essential everyday products to their doorsteps anywhere in the country safely.”

How to order with Jumia

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  • Search for your desired items on the Jumia app and tap
  • Click the trolley icon in the top right corner of the app
  • Now select
  • Login to Jumia using our email or Facebook
  • Enter your address and tap
  • Choose a payment option
  • Confirm your order

Jumia Uganda is well-known for its many discount offers for customers. Customers get the chance of receiving various products at discounted costs with different promotions such as Jumia Food Fest and Jumia tech week. These campaigns contribute to increasing market share.

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