Kiira Motors inspires learners through an exciting outreach programme

Kiira Motors inspires learners through an outreach programme as an effort to encourage learners to create and develop new projects from locally sourced materials through its outreach programme. This programme aims at exposing learners to the possibilities of adopting homegrown tech solutions.

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The Kiira Motors Corporation Director of Marketing Allan Muhumuza revealed this while speaking to science students at the Jinja based Horizon International School.

“Our journey as Kiira Motors was birthed from the biggest learning institution in the country, Makerere University, therefore our continued school outreaches are aimed at inspiring the learners to equally invest more of their energy in the innovation of new products in the market,” said Muhumuza.

He stressed that they aim to inspire learners to exploit their various abilities in solving community challenges which will in turn enable them to earn sustainable employment opportunities for themselves.

During the visit where Kiira Motors inspires learners, it also exhibited its newly launched Kayoola Diesel Coach to the students as part of encouraging them to be creative and innovative. The Diesel Coach was designed to travel long distances which in turn would improve service delivery.

As part of its plan to reach its target of 1030 buses by the end of 2021, Kiira Motors is being constructed on a 100 acre piece of land in Mutai village in Jinja district and is expected to foster production of 22 buses daily.

“Kayoola bus was created to control the transport challenges where both urban dwellers and long distance travellers lacked the required comfort enroute to the different destinations. Therefore, we are rallying students to explore the available community challenges with suitable solutions that can earn them sustainable employment opportunities,” he noted.

Lokman Cinar, the principal of Horizon International School said exposing students to successful projects made by Ugandan based engineers is resourceful in encouraging them to undertake science subjects.

Many excited after visit where Kiira Motors inspires learners through an outreach programme

Kiira Motors inspires learners through an out-reach programme leaving many of them thrilled because they were presented with such a rare opportunity to get guidance from members of the Kiira Motors Corporation and to also see the Kayoola Diesel Coach. According to PML Daily, Gracious Tumusiime, a student, says that such projects are instrumental in transforming the students’ mindsets, from targeting white collar jobs to more hands on skills enterprises. “This project is an eye opener to the education institutions to focus their classroom lessons on skilling learners with hands on skills other than the job seeking mentality which has increased the unemployment burden in the country,” he says.

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