Here are the latest Netflix treats to binge-watch this weekend

If you are wondering about what you should watch during this Easter weekend, well Netflix has some new releases for you to binge-watch this four-day weekend. From real-life horror stories to a prank show, the latest Netflix treats to binge-watch this weekend promise to be entertaining.

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The latest Netflix treats to binge-watch this weekend

The Serpent

It features Tahar Rahm who plays Charles Sobhraj, a real-life deadly crminal In The Serpent, we meet made-for-TV versions of Sobhraj and his wife Marie-Andrée Leclerc (Jenna Coleman) as they travel through Southeast Asia’s “Hippie Trail” in the 1970s. While Charles and Marie-Andrée pose as posh gems dealers, they are actually robbers. The Serpent hops between Charles and Marie-Andrée’s frauds and the junior diplomat (Billy Howle) hot on their trail.

Concrete Cowboy

Concrete cowboy is about a real-life subculture that is rarely seen in popular culture. Cole (Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things) introduces us to a fictionalized version of North Philadelphia’s very real Black urban cowboy community. Viewers meet Cole following his most recent fight at his Detroit high school. Cole’s mother, concerned about her son’s future, drives him to Philadelphia to live with his father Harp (a musician). As Cole adjusts to his new surroundings, he is torn between the glitzy, petty-crime appeal of reuniting with old friend Smush (Jharrel Jerome) and the arduous, but ultimately rewarding, work of his father’s stables.

Prank Encounters (Season 2)

For some reason, Matarazzo was given the keys to his own prank kingdom. Each episode of Prank Encounters, like most prank shows, is a stand-alone story. The Prank Encounters machine operates in the following manner: Two strangers are placed in a strange situation; everyone around them is an actor paid to raise the stakes; and Matarazzo, as host, monitors and manipulates the situation through secret cameras. Eventually, there is a grand culmination of horror inflicted on the subjects of Prank Encounter.

Worn Stories (Season 1)

The various ways in which clothing can serve as a foundation for our lives. Each of the eight half-hour episodes of Worn Stories focuses on a different type of outfit: uniforms, survival gear, romance, and more. The first episode of the docuseries even gives insight into the bonds formed by not wearing clothing. Each episode features a handful of key subjects who take us inside their homes and closets across the country. These larger stories are bolstered by short, often amusing soundbites from other people commenting on the fashion category at hand.

Madam Claude

A period piece thriller in French. It shows the larger-than-life exploits of French sex work legend Madame Claude (neé Fernande Grudet, played here by Karole Rocher). In Madame Claude’s 1960s Paris, a dramatized Claude presides over France’s most exclusive brothel, impressing the world’s biggest names with her beautiful and elegant employees. When French Intelligence assigns her and her staff to spy work that also pays well, the pressure on Claude’s business explodes. Claude soon finds herself in charge of a vast empire while dodging bullets.

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Haunted: Latin America (Season 1)

A Spanish-language horror series based on reenactments. Actual supernatural encounters. Haunted: Latin America, like Worn Stories, interviews its subjects in-depth about their experiences. Unlike Worn Stories, all of these stories are about people’s most terrifying encounters with the bone-chilling and otherworldly, such as haunted houses and the actual devil. CGI-heavy, recreations accompanied by confessionals.


A frightening film in Malayalam. Making certain that you never ask a stranger for assistance again. A couple (Darshana Rajendran and Soubin Shahir) becomes stranded in a creepy house in the middle of a rainy evening. There, they meet an eerie man who wrote a novel about the previous bloody murders that took place in the abode. Soon after, a dead body is discovered in the basement. In a dangerous game of cat and mouse, a fight for survival ensues.

Just say yes

A Dutch-language film that is about finding the bright side of a bride’s worst nightmare. Lotte (Yolanthe Cabau), a TV presenter and lifelong romantic, is dumped on camera by the man she thinks she’ll marry, Alex (Juvat Westendorp). Then her social media sensation sister Estelle (Noortje Herlaar) marries. Just Say Yes follows Lotte as she tries to put her life back together — and crosses paths with her handsome new colleague, Fritz (Jim Bakkum). 

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