MUK proposes a new learning approach ahead of reporting date

MUK proposes a new learning approach to the Minister of Education, Janet Museveni that will see students blending both physical and online classes. This letter where MUK proposes a new learning approach comes after the university released its revised calendar for the new academic year where it implied that it was ready to reopen for all students.

The National Council for Higher Education responded soon after with advice from the Ministry of Education that institutions for higher learning should continue with e-learning studies for at least another 3 months until government comes up with a proper plan to contain all students at the same time.

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In the letter, the university lays out the plan of the blended approach where students are supposed to report in shifts. Each group will report to campus for a month to get the opportunity to benefit from physical classes and undergo intensive training.

After one shift’s month is done, students report home for online classes while another shift reports. The first group to report will be the first year students, followed by the second year students in the next shift and then finally the finalists. During the examination period, the approach will be the same.

The letter with details of the arrangement

Citing last year’s arrangement, only finalists were allowed to report to campus for the entire semester so they could study and do tests. Students in other years only reported to do their exams. After the university’s revised calendar for the new academic year was released, many thought that the University would actually be able to open for fully since students managed to report for exams.

MUK proposes a new learning approach, a blended method that would be very helpful to students especially those who study courses that require more practical classes as the university also insists that Standard Operating Procedures would be followed.

MUK proposes a new learning approach which might be a health risk

However health experts advise that students stay home and physical studies continue for only finalists. Reopening for all students without proper systems in place to ensure that SOPs are followed could lead to a surge in cases of those infected. The coronavirus pandemic has reached its most dangerous stage so far with countries reporting cases of covid-19 variants that could be more deadly than covid-19 and possibly resist the vaccine.

The university should however focus its effort towards ensuring that there are ways for students to get the full learning experience with practical lessons inclusive since the government has not come up with a proper plan that would include reopening for all students.

Uganda is currently at 39,606 infected cases with 325 recorded deaths.

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