How to easily use the MyLOFT app for Makerere University eLibrary

Makerere University recently announced the availability of the MyLOFT platform for users to access e-Library services and resources. MyLOFT stands for ‘My Library On Fingertips’ and it is an app for accessing, organizing, and sharing digital content and e-resources subscribed by the library. It allows users to download content and save it for offline reading.

Let’s look at how to use the portal.

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How to sign up on MyLOFT

There are two ways you can sign up on MyLOFT. You can either use your smartphone or desktop computer. 

Sign up on mobile

On your smartphone, install the MyLOFT app from Google PlayStore or App Store and open it. Then, select your institution from the list, in this case, Makerere University Uganda, and then tap on the sign-up link. 

Enter the required information and then tap Sign up. On the email address that you provide in the form, you will receive a message asking you to verify your account. Once you do this, the app will open and you will be auto-logged in after email verification.

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Sign up on desktop

Visit the Makerere University Library website. Under Electronic Resources in the menu, Click on the MyLOFT Sign Up link. Then, enter the requested information and click on the Continue button. 

On the email address that you provide in the form, you will receive a message asking you to verify your account. The MyLOFT web app will then open and you will be auto-logged in after email verification.

How to sign in on MyLOFT

Using mobile, open the MyLOFT app on your smartphone. Then, select the institution you belong to from the available list. Enter your login credentials as registered during the sign-up process.

On desktop, go to the Makerere University library website, under the Electronic Resources menu, select MyLOFT login. Then enter your login credentials as registered in the sign-up process. 

A warning message will appear asking you to install the MyLOFT browser extension. Click on Add Extension to install it and use the portal. 

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Since the second wave of COVID-19 prompted a lockdown, Makerere University staff have been undergoing training in online teaching in order to prepare them on how to use Makerere e-learning platforms to teach and assess students. The university recognizes the importance of well-trained staff in this area in order for students to fully benefit from these studies.

Initially, the university had launched e-library services that would allow students to get access to library services via the E-library. Students would have access to all known library services, and they will simply need their email accounts to do so. These email addresses will be used to help them create accounts to access the e-library.

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The necessity for such a move was urgent because students will commence exams as soon as universities are allowed to reopen and others need to carry out research to complete their final year projects.

Other efforts to encourage Makerere e-learning include the partnership of the university with telecom companies like Africell and MTN to extend the offer for zero rates for MUK websites such that students can access them with ease. 

Access to these websites would also eliminate the need for physical interaction when it comes to some activities like making payments, receiving admission letters. However, the Vice-Chancellor warned that these MUK websites do not work properly with VPN implying that students and lecturers should pay OTT tax or get connected to WiFi to access these sites.

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