Why (and how) Netflix is planning to block VPN users

Netflix is planning to increase its efforts to block users who use VPNs to access geo-restricted content. The streaming service has had a long-running feud with VPN users and has tried to limit the content available to those who bypass the restrictions.

However, it appears that VPN services and users are prevailing in the majority of cases, with several tips on how to use any number of VPNs to access geo-blocked content and material. This has resulted in copyright holders’ mounting concerns about users accessing the content in unlicensed territories.

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Why Netflix plans to block VPN users

It is simple. Users are circumventing geo-restrictions to access content available in other countries, typically by accessing Netflix in the United States or the United Kingdom. Both the users and copyright holders are fully aware of this, which causes issues.

Netflix, sometime back, launched a new VPN campaign, and social media was flooded with complaints of non-VPN users being caught in the crossfire. It turns out, thousands of accounts were being prohibited from accessing any content in any country or missing tranches of video that should have been available.

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How Netflix plans to block VPN users

The obvious thing is that it is not yet clear how Netflix will prevent VPN users from obtaining geo-restricted content. Reports suggest that the streaming service has blacklisted several residential IP address ranges. This explains why so many non-VPN users have been impacted by the VPN crackdown.

This goes into effect as some VPN firms are said to conceal their service by using these regular residential IP addresses. Coming from a residential IP range is significantly less likely to bring notice to the VPN service’s circumvention of limitations, allowing the VPN provider to continue unlimited access to Netflix.

On the other hand, VPN providers don’t mind if their customers use Netflix to watch geo-restricted content. It’s a major selling point for VPN services, particularly those that can provide fast, stable, and secure connectivity.

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