New changes to URA TIN registration process as its completely automated

The TIN registration process is now completely web-based as announced by the Uganda Revenue Authority last week on 11 June 2021. The new changes to URA TIN registration process have been communicated simplifying this process even further for taxpayers who have had various complaints with the old process. As has been with other government processes, this process is now fully automated making it much simpler to accomplish by various entities in the business environment.

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A number of changes are to be expected and will start with the individual TIN applications by converting the current TIN application form from Microsoft Excel Template into a web form to facilitate a better taxpayer registration experience according to a press release from URA.

There have been complaints about the previous, difficult method, forcing people to seek the help of individuals who knew how to handle it. All of this, however, came at a cost. People will be able to interact with the platform more easily, saving money and time as a result of the new changes to URA TIN registration process.

Here are the new changes to URA TIN registration process for taxpayers


1.Pre-population of data from NIRA/Uganda Registration Services Bureau:

Taxpayers can use their NIN (National Identification Number) as a primary identifier. This means that TIN applicants are no longer required to attach photocopies of their national IDs and attach the same to their application. The URA and NIRA systems have been synchronized allowing the automatic population of one’s personal data like name, gender, date of birth etc.

Data validation from URSB. In regards to TIN applicants with businesses, the URA and URSB systems have also been synchronized to allow auto-population of business details like the business name.

2.Removal of referee and alternate contact person details

3.Requirement of unique and email and upload of attachments

4.No documents required if the person has a valid NIN

5.Employer data: TIN applicants who are employed will only have to provide their employer’s TIN and details about their employer will be auto-populated.

6. Online sign off- Terms and Conditions. TIN applicants will no longer have to print, sign off and deliver the signed terms and conditions to the nearest URA office in physical copy as has been the case. They will instead acknowledge their agreement with the terms and conditions by ticking the terms and conditions tab.

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A sigh of relief for many on social media as the former process was more complex and long making it difficult for people to register. With the new changes to URA TIN registration process, people look towards a better experience.

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