New Netflix shows to binge this weekend

The first weekend of March brings you some new releases from Netflix that you should definitely check out. Some of the new Netflix shows to binge this weekend are Moxie: a great movie about taking a stand against sexual abuse, you can also check out the tribute to rap legend Notorious B.I.G, some anime and other shows just to keep you entertained.

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5 new Netflix shows for your weekend


Moxie, one of the new Netflix shows is a movie unexpectedly around sexual abuse.

Vivian (Hadley Robinson) is actively campaigning against patriarchy and forced into motion once she encounters the assault of her fellow classmate, Lucy (Alycia Pascual-Pena). Lucy is Afro-Latinx, and her harasser is the lovably offensive Mitchell (famous son Patrick Schwarzenegger), a white jock. Vivian—inspired by the riot history of her mother Lisa (Amy Poehler)—starts creating a feminist coalition by Moxie, a modern-day zine that she pens and publishes anonymously. Soon enough, Vivian has a movement on her side. Beyond her Moxie activities, Vivian has to juggle her new romance with skateboarding cutie Seth (Nico Hiraga) and her mom’s budding love life. 

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Murder Among the Mormons (Season 1)

The “murder” portion of Murder Among the Mormons focuses on a 36-hour period in Salt Lake City during October 1985. Local financial consultant Steven F. Christensen — who was in the bustling Mormon historical document game — was killed by a “sophisticated” bomb, to quote police. About an hour later, another bomb went off in the suburbs of Salt Lake, killing Kathy Sheets, the wife of Chistensen’s business associate. The next day, Mark Hofmann — a Mormon historical document “rock star,” as his friends call him — was hospitalized after his car explodes.  

The three part docuseries investigates the document “treasure-seeking” that led to this bloody violence and works to explain the true culprit (or culprits) in this string of crimes. 

Biggie: I got a story to tell

The latest tribute to Christopher Wallace — aka Biggie Smalls or The Notorious B.I.G — since his 1997 murder. 

The tribute introduces viewers to the Biggie that his loved ones knew best. I Got A Story to Tell is filled with archival footage of Biggie, which was shot by his childhood friend Damian “D Roc” Butler. Butler is peppered throughout the doc, offering up context about what it was like to grow up with someone who became a legend. Sean “Diddy” CombsI Got A Story to Tell’s executive producer, also pops up often to reflect upon the life, and loss, of his late friend. Biggie’s mother, Voletta Wallace, gets the most screen time, tracking her roots in Jamaica to her grief over her son’s death. 

Pacific Rim: The Black (Season 1)

An anime set up in Australia. The Black opens up as the kaiju—mysterious supermonsters populating the Pacific Rim franchise—takes over the continent of Australia. Parents Ford (Jason Spisak) and Brina (Alexandra MacDonald)—who drive a kaiju-fighting jaeger robot together—bring a party of surviving children (including their own children, Taylor and Hayley) to the desert oasis for their survival. Then they leave to go and get some assistance.

Five long years later, Taylor and Hayley have helped create a sustainable society of young people in the exact place their parents left them. Once horror comes to Taylor and Hayley’s peaceful home — because horror always has to arrive in a show like this — the siblings must become jaeger pilots in their own right. This tragedy-laced development pushes Taylor and Hayley back into the real world, and possibly on the road to their missing parents. 


Sentinelle is a French-language revenge film about Klara (Olga Kurylenko), a very skilled soldier. Klara is returned home to her mother (Antonia Malinova) and her sister Tania (Marilyn Lima) after a harsh war mission abroad. Bored with her new career, Klara discovers a worthy—and devastating—outlet for her skill set when Tania is assaulted after a night out at a bar. Refusing to consider the terrible half-measures given to Tania for “justice,” Klara takes revenge in her own hands to punish her sister’s rapist.

From documentaries to anime, these new Netflix shows promise to keep you entertained as you binge-watch the weekend away.

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