7 new Netflix treats to watch this weekend

Wondering what you should watch this weekend, well as you cool off we have done the heavy work for you and got you some new Netflix movies that you can check out. The Last Letter From Your Lover, a painstakingly assembled British romance film Sexy Beasts and Blood Red Sky, Netflix is serving up a multiple intriguing international projects, including the second season of crime thriller Sky Rojo and a spinoff of Too Hot to Handle. Here are all the new Netflix offerings.

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A lsit of the new Netflix movies to watch

Sexy Beasts

Sexy Beasts follows a single person on the lookout for The One in each episode. In order to locate them, they accept to be transformed into an animal or creature using prosthetics and special effects makeup. After that, the lead goes on three separate dates with other individuals who are similarly immersed in character. After a few rounds, the single chooses one person to date based on their personality rather than their physical appearance.

The Last Letter From Your Lover

Two London romances set in different eras. Jennifer Stirling is the neglected wife of a wealthy businessman in 1965. Jennifer discovers the passion she seeks in journalist Anthony O’Hare while on vacation, setting off a tumultuous love affair. In the present, Ellie is a reporter who comes across Anthony’s frantic love letters to Jennifer. As Ellie struggles to piece together Anthony and Jennifer’s secrets, viewers join her on a beautiful and challenging journey — and may even witness a love story for her.

Too Hot to Handle Brazil, aka Brincando com Fogo (Season 1) 

The fight to win — and keep — 500,000 Brazilian real, which converts to just under $1,000,000 USD. As with the original Too Hot to Handle, its Brazilian counterpart lures a handful of horny and comely singles to a beachside paradise under the guise of a wild reality TV vacation. Then AI host Lana, now with full Brazilian Portuguese fluency, is airdropped in to block any flights of sexual fancy that may be taking off. Too Hot to Handle Brazil’s cast members must try to follow Lana’s rules if they want to take home the big cash prize. If you’ve seen the original Too Hot, you know that goal is nearly impossible to achieve. 

Sky Rojo (Season 2)

Sky Rojo, a gory thriller about three Spanish sex workers, launched on Netflix in March. At the end of season one, protagonist Coral is literally in the hands of her cocaine-fueled and violent boss Romeo her pals Gina and Wendy are in no better shape as they battle Romeo’s trigger-happy henchman. Gina’s life is in jeopardy. Season 2 reveals that the heroines escape their most recent near-death experiences and reconcile. They wreak havoc on the guys who almost killed them and battle for freedom together. Fast automobiles, sawed-off firearms, and more Looney Tunes-style shenanigans are in store.

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Blood Red Sky (Season 2)

A German vampire who wants nothing more than to be a good mother. When Nadja and her 10-year-old son Elias board a nighttime plane to New York to seek “therapy” for her “sickness”, their plans are thwarted. A group of terrorists, led by gorgeous older Outlander gentleman Graham McTavish and Legends of Tomorrow’s Dominic Purcell, overtakes the plane in the middle of the journey, placing Elias in grave danger. Nadja discloses her dark truth in order to save her son and everyone else on the flight, igniting a conflict between airborne terrorists and one very enraged vampire.

Kingdom: Asin of the North

In the concluding moments of Kingdom season 2, viewers encounter Ashin as an adult (Jun Ji-hyun). The prequel Ashin of the North follows a younger version of Ashin, played by Kim Si-a. This version of Ashin is a young girl from Northern Joseon who comes into contact with the Kingdom’s undead mystery’s central revival plant. Ashin of the North describes the origins of the resurrection plant and the trauma that led to Ashin becoming the vengeful person she is today in the Kingdom.

Words Bubble Up like Soda Pop

The movie is about love at a young age. Cherry is a bashful young man who expresses himself best through haikus that he keeps to himself. Smile is a happy-go-lucky girl with a lack of self-assurance. On a gorgeous summer day, the characters of Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop meet and begin a charming romance — the kind where Smile lovingly reads Cherry’s hidden poems and Cherry agonizes over texting his crush. As low-stakes realities penetrate through their developing connection, the youngsters learn about romance. 

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