New social media updates: WhatsApp gets new “mute audio” feature, Twitter to get subscription feature

Some of your favourite social media apps are working on unveiling cool new social media updates that will make using these platforms even more fun. Twitter and WhatsApp are the apps you should expect to update to acquire some new changes really soon. Let’s take a look at each of them separately.

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Twitter’s upcoming social media updates.

Twitter is one of the most used applications on the globe because it allows users to access exclusive content in real-time. However, you might rethink staying connected to the app in the feature as one of its planned upgrades involves making Twitter users pay a subscription to follow certain accounts on the app.

One of the planned updates could be a “super follow feature” which will charge followers a certain amount for access to certain accounts that are known to have exclusive content. The “super follow feature” will allow content creators to charge Twitter users for access to exclusive content like newsletters. This feature will launch as early as this year.

The voice chat feature is also coming soon as it’s currently being tested on a number of the app’s followers to transform how people hold conversations on Twitter. People will host live audio conversations using the new “Spaces feature” that could be coming soon.

Another one of the social media updates that the company could be working on is the ability for communities to be created on the app for people with similar interests. Twitter’s head of consumer product said creators would be able to customise communities, including setting and enforcing “social norms” beyond Twitter’s rules.

The latest of WhatsApp’s social media updates

WhatsApp announced a couple of great features that would be available for users a few weeks ago. As it tries to stay in customers’ good graces, it is working tirelessly on those updates to make sure it can keep customers happy.

It has kept its promise and announced that the “mute audio feature for videos” is now available. The feature that was only available for beta users can now be accessed by any user who upgrades their app to the latest version. However, it isn’t certain whether the feature is available for iPhone users or when it will be available as WhatsApp only mentions support for android in its post.


Just in case you want to share a video whether on your status or just as a personal message without the sound, you can simply mute the audio before you send the message. As the popular messaging app continues to work on more features, it is currently trying its best to convince users to accept the new privacy rules. Any user that hasn’t agreed will not be able to read or send messages after May 15th 2021.

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