NIRA guide on how to change particulars on the national register

The National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) recently announced the transfer of a number of its services online. This was done to allow people to get access to the organization’s services during the lockdown. A NIRA guide has been released to assist people with the process of making changes to different particulars. However, because the services are being released in stages, this is still a gradual process.

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As times change, people are embracing online services as they seek more convenience and faster service delivery. With the pandemic, businesses have been forced to go digital. The government has also taken this direction to allow people to continuously get access to services at their fingertips.

The NIRA guide on how to change particular details

Here is a guide on how people can make changes to particulars on the National Identification Register (NIR). This process shows how one can make changes to details like gender, age, date of birth and more errors that they might find on documents and national IDs.

To get access to the guide, go to:

In addition to services like booking an appointment, registration, verifying documents and more, NIRA has also stated how people can register for birth and death certificates.


Requirements for birth registration and certification

  • A birth notification record
  • A NIRA birth declaration Form 3 complete and signed by one of the parents or guardians of the child
  • Photocopy of the National ID of one of the parents
  • Bank payment receipt of UGX 5,000 or $40 for foreigners

Fees required for different services

The NIRA website also shows the fees required to get access to different services like the replacement of an ID, correcting errors, getting a birth and death certificate.

#Sub CategoryServiceAmount (UGX)
UGX) 1Change of informationNew ID First Enrollment
New ID Replacement

2Correction of ErrorsNew ID required
New ID not required
3New alien’s ID card355,450
4Confirmation of a person’s Information in the register1,000
5Renewal of IDRenewal of National ID
Renewal of Alien’s ID


#Sub CategoryServiceAmount (UGX)
1NationalsCertificate of Birth-Nationals
Change of Name of an Adult
Change of Name of a Child
Certified Copy of an Entry in the Register
Search in the Register
2ForeignersChange of Name of an Adult
Change of Name of a Child
Certificate of Birth-Foreigners
Late Registration of Birth
Certified Copy of an Entry in the RegisterSearch in the Register



#Sub CategoryServiceAmount (UGX)
1NationalsCertificate of Death5,000
2ForeignersCertificate of Death

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