NIRA grants access to services through the NIRA website

The hassle of applying for a national ID will soon be a thing of the past as NIRA has rolled out different platforms on its website where people can go to access different services. For a long while, accessing services at the NIRA offices has been quite hectic. Shifting these services online could see the processes become more efficient.

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In an announcement made recently, NIRA said that the following services will be available through the NIRA website.

2021 07 14 5
  • Book an appointment
  • Confirmation of information
  • Track status
  • Registration
  • Verify documents
  • Issuance of documents

How to book an appointment through the NIRA website

Go to the NIRA website at

Select ‘book an appointment’ among the services available

2021 07 14 9

You will be directed to a new page where you will access an appointment form for you to fill in.

You can fill in details like contact information, the service you want, the NIRA branch and more.

Confirmation of information

This will enable you to generate a confirmation of information document online.

Track status

2021 07 14 7

Use your reference number to check the status of our application ID


Verify documents

2021 07 14 8

Use a document’s tracking number to confirm if it was issued by the NIRA offices

Issuance of documents

Visit to get access to NIRA Uganda’s services.

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