Apply for great opportunities at Code for Africa and RENU

Code for Africa is ready to hire in a number of positions available at the organization. Here are the opportunities at Code for Africa that they are hiring for.

The available opportunities at Code for Africa people can apply for

Research analyst:

Help research media and civic engagement ecosystems. Applicants must have demonstrable experience in analytical research and open-source intelligence into media ecosystems or digital civic engagement and should be comfortable with using data-driven social analytics, survey/polling methodology, landscape analysis and a combination of data mining and media monitoring tools to produce citable reports for a range of partners including international donors, development agencies and policymakers.

For more information on this role, go to:

Senior Technologist:

Code for Africa (CfA) has an immediate vacancy for a Senior Technologist to join our sensors.AFRICA team to help build digital tools that transform how African cities work. 

The successful candidate will help drive pioneering projects including Africa’s largest network of low-cost ‘citizen science’ sensors, monitoring air quality in 5 countries, using cutting-edge experimental water sensors to detect cholera and other contaminants, and novel hydrophone sensors to detect illegal dynamite fishing and coral bleaching in East Africa’s oceans.

For more information on this role, go to:

Infographic Illustrator:

Code for Africa (CfA) has an immediate vacancy for an Infographics Illustrator to join our Data Academy team, to create distinctive infographics, interactive maps and other visual stories. 

The ideal candidate is an experienced designer, who is passionate about using illustrations/infographics to tell compelling stories, and who has a demonstrated ability to produce work that is simultaneously imaginative, appropriate, and responsible. They will be experienced in creating static data visualizations, infographics, maps, reports and dashboards.

For more information on this role, go to:

Code for Africa (CfA) is the continent’s largest network of civic technology and data journalism labs, with teams in 21 countries. CfA builds digital democracy solutions that give citizens unfettered access to actionable information that empowers them to make informed decisions, and that strengthens civic engagement for improved public governance and accountability.

For general information on the opportunities at Code for Africa, go to:

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Undergraduate training for ICT students in eduroam by the Marconi Society

The Marconi Society in collaboration with Research and Education Network for Uganda (RENU), and the ResilientAfrica Network (RANLab) will provide students with training, mentorship, and opportunities to develop their technical skills and make an impact on their local communities. The program consists of a subprogram, specifically designed for undergraduates, called eduroam.

The eduroam: Expanding Remote Access to Information initiative seeks undergraduate students entering their final year for a workforce development opportunity to gain skills in identity management and federation, database administration, mentorship from global leaders in ICT, and post-program engagement managing their university’s rollout of eduroam.

Some of the requirements for this training include;

  • All applicants must be from a RENU member university.
  • Applicants must be going into the final year of their undergraduate education and have completed the exams from the previous year (Attach a copy of the results testimonial).
  • Applicants interested in this industrial training program must provide;
    – A letter of introduction from their faculty/department
    – A letter of commitment from the University Directorate of ICT Support
  • Statement of Interest (up to 500 words). Please include the following:
    – How eduroam is (would be) beneficial to your institution.
    – The biggest challenge(s) an institution would face in deploying eduroam.
    – How you will help address the challenge(s) above if you are selected.

The program runs for eight weeks, after which students will be required to work in their university during their final year to manage the ongoing administrative and technical responsibilities of the platform. This program runs during the summer of 2021.

The deadline for applications is 28th May 2021. To apply for this program, go to:

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IT Associate Jumia Uganda

Jumia Uganda is looking to hire someone for the role of IT-Associate. The skills required include;

  • Project management, cross-team communication, problem-solving ‘on our feet’
  • Python, HTML, SQL, CSS, Javascript, Google Suite, MS Office
  • E-commerce and IT operations experience
  • Web development
  • Help desk support

The main responsibilities

Compliance: Flag and correct any behaviour or processes that deviate from SOPs and compliance requirements as defined by the operational excellence and internal control teams.

On/off boarding of users on Jumia Software Products: Prepare the documentation and training materials for the on-boarding of new users at Jumia as well as hold training sessions and tests for those same users to ensure the knowledge of the proper use of the respective software products.

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