President orders for blocking of VPNs in Uganda immediately

According to some reports from watchdog Uganda, the president orders for blocking of VPNs in Uganda. He asked ICT experts within the Ministry of ICT and national guidance to deactivate vpns in the country. To his shock, despite the ban on social media platforms, he was now informed that at least 98% of Ugandans were back online with the help of Virtual Private Networks.

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During a cabinet meeting, the President asked for a report on the effect of the social media shutdown on Ugandans where it was later revealed to him that the majority of internet users have been online since 18th January. This called for action as the President orders for blocking of vpns in Uganda and implores experts within the Ministry of ICT to work around the clock and resolve this matter by coming up ways with to deactivate the VPNs.

Social media that has never been restored since 13th January is now only accessible with the help of a VPN. The government has cited national security as the major reason for such a drastic measure despite the impact it has had on both the private and public sectors.

Until the government is sure that there are no threats anymore then it will work on restoring these platforms. For now, every Ugandan is expected to be offline as it was recently announced that VPNs are illegal and anyone who was using one would be arrested.

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President orders for blocking of VPNs in Uganda as Ministers use social media

Many find these claims to be absurd seeing as even Ministers and the government itself uses its pages on some social media platforms to make announcements to the public which implies that they are also using VPNs to stay online.

A few days ago, the government threatened to arrest anyone who was using a Virtual Private Network and promised to find VPN providers and shut them down too. It looks like the government will not back out as it ensures that everyone stays offline as the President orders for blocking of VPNs in Uganda.

Can VPNs really be deactivated?

VPNs can indeed be blocked in different ways as it is the case in countries like China. However, they can’t stay blocked for long as VPN providers are always working around the clock to come up with solutions for such situations. There are actually different ways to bypass VPN blocks and also a number of VPNs on the market that you can download that are not vulnerable to such instances. In a country like Uganda, blocking or deactivating the VPNs might not be easily done and even if it happens, bypassing might be very easy.

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