Sources reveal second Uganda Airbus is finally on its way

There were recent reports about the delayed arrival of the second Uganda Airbus A330 which was expected on January 25th. However, as a result of the internet blackout in Uganda that halted several activities, the second Uganda Airbus could not be picked on the specified date because of communication difficulties according to Mr Waisswa Bageya, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Works.

The long wait is finally over. The Airbus will be picked soon as promised by an official who said the date had been pushed. It will be delivered on 2nd February 2021 according to

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Officials from Uganda Airlines and Uganda Aviation Authority will be flying to France next week to monitor the handover of the aircraft. The Airbus aircraft cost $259.9 million (UGX956.6 billion) making it one of the cheapest in the Airbus family.

Uganda Airbus expands fleet to 6 aircraft

This second aircraft will now expand the Uganda Airlines to a fleet of 6 that is four Bombardiers CRJ-900 and two Airbus A330-800 neos. The newly revamped Uganda Airlines embarked on a plan to do long haul flights that is flights outside Africa and its first step in this direction was to acquire the A330-800 neos with the first plane that arrived in December.

The Uganda Airbus renowned for its lavish interior has three classes of service that is business, premium and economy with a total of 258 seats. The most outstanding factor about this plane is how economical it is since it burns less fuel than its predecessors and can fly over 15,000 km.

uganda airlines airbus A330-800 neo
The lavish interior of the Airbus Courtesy/

Uganda Airlines anticipated destinations for its long haul flights to be London, Guangzhou, Dubai and Mumbai for the start. Uganda Airlines is also working to increase its services within Africa by aiming at new destinations within the continent like Zimbabwe, South Africa and Nigeria.

However, globally the A330-800 neo has not been sold on a wide scale as expected. There have been only 14 orders so far with the plane not receiving any orders at all for the first four years. One of the reasons for this is airlines around the world are just not ready to replace their current aircraft with the A330 despite its amazing features. Otherwise its few sales are not connected to its functionality.

Background of Uganda Airlines

The Uganda Airlines that operated from 1977 to 2001 was revived in an attempt by government to increase connectivity to other parts outside Uganda and also reduce cost of transport. It started operations last year in August and has so far travelled to destinations like Burundi, Kenya, South Sudan and Somalia.

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