Silicon Pay lets companies receive instant payments from clients

The COVID-19 pandemic has dictated that the physical exchange of cash is limited in favour of digital transactions. It is only payment solutions, such as Silicon Pay, that organizations can continue operations in these uncertain times. You do not have to wonder how best you will get in touch with your customers in times like these when a lockdown is the most appropriate solution to contain the spread of the virus.

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What is Silicon Pay?

Silicon Pay is a product of Silicon Savannah Limited that seeks to ease mobile payments, utility payments, e-commerce, open banking, and crowdfunding through an Application Programming Interface (API).

With over 20 payment gateways, Silicon Pay provides an API for its Mobile Money Services and Credit Card Service allowing Merchants, individuals, or Companies to incorporate it into their websites and mobile applications for them to start receiving payments in real-time.

silicon pay

The Fintech solution helps users to collect up to UGX 5 million in a single transaction via mobile money plus over $20,000 on credit cards. Additionally, the user’s money is available for withdrawal as soon as the transaction is completed.

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How does Silicon Pay work?

For you to get started, you need to visit the solution’s website where you can create an account. The key details needed as you create the account include your company name, email address, password, and contact details. Once you have set up, you can then easily withdraw your money to MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, transfer it to your bank accounts, or a number of other payment gateways.

In your dashboard, there is a long encrypted key on the top, which is your Encryption Key. You are advised to keep this a secret and not to share it with anyone. Upon a successful payment by your customer, the transaction is recorded as successful and is automatically reflected in the dashboard.


You can download the transaction history in any form you wish to have it and can use the data to make accountability for your sales. You ought to know that Silicon Pay is not built for making payments only.

The platform also allows users to do shopping online from millions of locations around the world and make payments with just a tap of a button from the convenience of their homes, office, or even while on the move.

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