Social media shutdown in Uganda gets many off-guard as they struggle to stay connected

As of this morning, social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger are down. The social media shutdown in Uganda has started. What we know right now is one thing these apps have in common is they’re all Facebook Company Products.

This follows the blocking of web marketplaces that is the App Store and Google Play Store and apps like YouTube that have been off since last week. Internet users cannot access them to download apps if they do not have a VPN connection.

The social media shutdown in Uganda of 2016

This time the social media shutdown in Uganda has caught many off-guard as people expected it to happen on the voting day just like in 2016 on the day of general elections. The same social media platforms were inaccessible that is a popular messaging app like WhatsApp and Facebook.

The shutdown of these particular apps coincidentally happens after Facebook’s statement yesterday where it admitted to blocking several accounts that belonged to pro-NRM bloggers, civil servants, and members of the ruling party accusing them of using the platform for manipulation.

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Just like the case has been in the past week, now you’ll need VPNs to get access to these particular applications.
You’ll notice however that different people have reported that their apps cannot work without VPN while other people’s apps work. This could just mean that the social media shutdown in Uganda has already started and it’s just a matter of time until everyone will be affected equally.

You need to equip yourself with some of the best VPNs as there’s no telling when things will be back to normal. We were able to compile a list of the best VPNs you need to have during this crisis. Also read: List of the best VPNs to download ahead of UG 2021 elections.

Many people have reacted to this shutdown since it happened early in the morning as they shared their agony on Twitter.

It looks like most of the complaints are to do with Facebook a smaller number of people with complaints about other apps. We are here to keep you posted in case of new developments.

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