South Sudanese teens invent a robot in a remarkable effort to clean the ocean

South Sudanese teens invent a robot as they showed off their innovative side during the FIRST Global Challenge that took place in Dubai in 2019 and was held in an Olympics kind of style with more than 2 billion youths across the world.

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The robot that was built to clean the ocean Source:

The FIRST Global Challenge is an annual robotics challenge that invited youth from all over the world to show off their inventive skills in achieving the purpose of reducing pollution.

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South Sudanese teens invent a robot and stand out in the challenge

South Sudanese teens invent a robot Ramceil Botics that can clean pollutants from water bodies and stand out as one of the most impressive innovations of the competition on that day. Their invention was in response to an ongoing crisis that the world is facing with some of the highest rates of pollution in water bodies like oceans ever experienced.

The South Sudanese team went up against more than 1500 students from 191 countries in participation. According to team mentor Richard Ring, the robot can be used to clean the Nile of plastic pollution as the Nile is one of the 10 rivers contributing 90% of Ocean plastic waste.

James Madut explained to Gulf News,”As a youth, our main point is to unite and make a change and work with the community to clean the oceans. We can do it together.”

An initiative to urge South Sudan youth to embrace and study Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics was started through the establishment of the South Sudan Robotic in February 2017 by Team Manager Kuc Mayur Kuc and Mentor Richard Ring Kuach. This was done as a way of solving real-world problems in the areas of agriculture, energy and more.

Such initiatives encourage the youth to use their knowledge and skills to come up with practical solutions to solve on going issues just as the South Sudanese teens invent a robot, other youth especially in Africa are highly motivated to do the same.

According to statistics by Globe Water, about 14 billion pounds of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year. Unlike rivers and streams, trash thrown into the ocean can eventually sink to the bottom and never be seen again hence negatively affecting marine life and global populations.

The world continues to face a huge pollution crisis with huge amounts of plastic dumped in oceans today. This is why it is vital for humans to come up with solutions to address the on-going issue to ensure that the available water sources can sustain future generations.

The FIRST challenge was aimed at finding solutions for this problem by educating and inspiring action to preserve the oceans and wildlife under the theme “Ocean Opportunities.”

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