Clubhouse’s spatial audios bring more life at the audio-only club.

Clubhouse an audio-only social platform unveiled another thrilling feature: spatial audios. The social audio app has been in the social networking community for just a year but it seems the club is here to stay.

In a Tweet, Clubhouse announced its spatial audio feature that is to bring life-like conversations in the room. Currently, the feature is available on IOS and Android users won’t have to wait for long before spatial audios get on Android.

The surround-sound like feature improves the speakers giving you a better listening experience and an imagination of a full house as it creates a 3D space around one’s head making sound echo from different directions. The feature works best with wired and Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headsets only work for the audience and not on stage though clubhouse promises to make adjustments to favour Bluetooth headsets too.

The audio app started as an invite-only app using only audio features. Albeit it was opened for all earlier this year. The one-year-old social networking app rivals with giants such as Twitter that also introduced audio chatting features known as spaces.

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Hail to the outbreak of the new covid19 that birthed Clubhouse and also led to developments in the social networking sphere. With the new spatial audios, the platform is creating a better brand and the future for the one-year-old audio-only social networking platform seems to be a bright one.

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