Uganda tech startup Minute5 moves to Amazon Web Services to achieve amazing growth

Minute5 is a Ugandan based tech startup that focuses on delivering fresh groceries through its online platform where customers’ orders are processed and received on the same day or the next day. Reports according to Ventureburn indicate that the company has made yet another achievement as Minute5 moves to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform.

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Increase in customers as Minute5 moves to Amazon Web Services

This new step as Minute5 moves to Amazon Web Services has helped it expand its service delivery to consumers and boost sales for small scale producers. The company has been able to secure more than 150 new customers with 70 repeat customers for a total of 540 regular customers. Minute5 Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Paul Katamba explained, “The move to AWS allowed us to scale up and put more products into the system, increase our own productivity and increase sales.”

When companies move to AWS, they enjoy a number of benefits like reduction in operational costs, increased productivity from IT staff and the abundance of resources that IT organizations can use. In the presence of such benefits, companies are able to focus entirely on providing their customers with the best services.

The Minute5 Co-founder also further explained that the connection to the AWS platform was made possible through NTF IV, a Dutch government-funded project.

Minute5 company

Minute5 was founded in 2018 as an online grocery delivery service that brings groceries closer to customers since markets can be difficult for customers to visit because of how crowded or unhygienic some can be.

The online platform brings customers and producers together from different locations within the central part of Uganda. Once a customer makes an order, they’ll be connected to the nearest retail outlet, the order will be processed where the customer will receive them in the shortest time possible.

The online platform has a wide assortment of groceries from fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, meat, spices, seafood to poultry food.

What is AWS?

AWS also known as Amazon Web Services is an online platform that provides cost-effective cloud solutions. It is a broadly adopted cloud platform that offers several on-demand operations like database storage, content delivery to help organisations scale and grow.

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