Infinix working on a super Infinix Zero X with a 160W charger

Technology is driving smartphone creativity beyond the norm. One company that is pushing its efforts to the limit is Infinix Mobility. The smartphone maker is reportedly planning to launch its new flagship in multiple markets. From what we know, the device is likely to be the Infinix Zero X.

So much is said about the forthcoming device, including an up to 160W charging capability. However, a tweet by Infinix Pakistan reveals that this phone will carry support for 50W wireless charging. It is not clear whether the variant that is launching in the country will also make its way to Kampala.

The new device is following the Zero 8, launched previously. The company has opted to skip the ninth generation and thus the new flagship could also be called Infinix Zero 10. We saw a similar trend with the recently launched Note 10 series where the company skipped from the Note 8 series launched late last year.

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Infinix Zero X rumoured specifications

In terms of display, the Zero X reportedly has a curved display on it coming with rather thin bezels all around. The front camera sensor is contained in a tiny hole punch on the upper left-hand side of the screen. There is also likely to be an in-display fingerprint scanner hidden underneath the panel. This points at that being an AMOLED screen. 

On the back, three cameras are embedded in a rectangle plate. The camera system is rumored to use a 108MP wide lens, an ultra-wide lens, and a periscope camera with optical zooming. There is likely to be ‘NOW’ stamped in bold letters on the back cover, taken from the company’s tagline, ‘the future is now.’ The major highlight of the device is the 160W ultra-fast charging. 

infinix zero x charger

We are yet to confirm when the device will be available in Africa, let alone Uganda. Once it is fully available, we shall then find out how the specifications match up to the expectations and whether the device is indeed a pick from the future. 

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