Tesla is truly here to dominate

By Logan Kitenda

Tesla was founded in June 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning to create efficient electric cars for people who love to drive”, said a press release announcing Tesla’s first funding round. Elon Musk had partnered with the aforementioned names but they chose to leave him out of the press release.

They paid for it dearly and i bet they wish they didn’t take all the praise for themselves if they’re reading the news today. The company’s share price is currently above $860 billion, it has risen more than 700% in the past 365 days, making him wealthier than Uncle Jeff. When you speak of a well run company, it’s been Tesla, the weird tweets of its founder not withstanding. In one earlier this week, he acknowledged that its the one company among his five that brought him the most pain but now he feels it was worth it. At some point, he had a futile attempt at selling it to Steve Jobs.

Everyone wants a Tesla now. From the day Leonardo DiCaprio bought one, everyone feels the need to buy one. Arnold Schwarznegger even lent his to Ma’am Greta Thunberg in the fight against poor global climate.

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What is the secret behind such a product? Well, we do not know. What we know however is that it bows to contemporary lifestyle. Every problem can be fixed through a software update. That’s just what the average youth wants today. To send their car to the washing bay after it drops them off to Cafe Java’s for breakfast from a night out.

20 years back, everyone needed to be in touch with their friends without walking through hills and valleys. Facebook took the bounty. Today, the need to be as flexible and efficient at multitasking as possible is being served by Tesla and its self-driving technology. On a 30 minute charge only, a Tesla can take you to Gulu and back in less than an hour while you’re asleep.

Joe Biden is coming in strong on green energy and Tesla is one of the major beneficiaries since charging infrastructure takes a high priority on that to-do list. Tesla Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies have turned their boss into a cult leader, replacing Facebook Group’s literally. Tesla just surpassed Facebook in market cap to become only second to Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Sergey and Larry’s holding company.

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Tesla’s dramatic and exponential rise in 2020 has been unprecedented. A teenage company has forced General Motors, a 1908 Granny, into doing a whole makeover, right from its logo that was changed yesterday, to its employees and now its going all out on the all-electric vehicles.

https cdn.cnn .com cnnnext dam assets 210108150400 general motors old new logos split
General Motors new logo on the right that was unveiled yesterday. Source: cnn.com

Tesla is way past that, its Giga factories all over the world are more than imaginable. The industry was badly disrupted. This is all happening at a time when the know-it-all has not even tapped into the African market. With projects like Starlink, Open AI, Boring Company, Neuralink and Solar City, the White African is bound to make a killing here. 2 questions; Are you ready to buy a Tesla? Is he likely to become the world’s first trillionaire?

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