Tesla wins big as model 3 tops June’s best selling chart

By Nickson Maberi.

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Last week was yet another exciting tally of seven as the society of motor manufacturers and traders-SMMT released a statistical analysis of June’s best-selling cars in the UK which saw the 2021 Tesla model 3 topping the chart. This meant that the American five-seater model was not only the best selling electric but also the best selling car overall beating its closest rival the German golf Volkswagen with an incredible difference of 839 sales.

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  • Tesla model 3 made 5468 sales
  • Volkswagen golf made 4629 sales
  • Ford Puma made 4477 sales
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As a ban on diesel/petrol vehicles looms, EVs are taking up the largest share of the motor industry as customers drop the pump for the plug.

In this segment, we take a glance at Britain’s winning customer choice ride of June.


Auto-pilot. The tesla model 3 comes with a stunning autopilot that detects pedestrians.

The model has standardized automatic emergency brakes, lane departure warnings and a standard adaptive cruise control. All these features have made the tesla model 3 earn a top safety pick status the insurance institute of highway safety. (IIHS)


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The five-seater tesla model 3 comes with a 15-inch touch screen that can connect to your smartphone enabling you to control all driving features.

With the 15 inch display, you can access applications like Netflix and game applications which are controlled using the steering wheel.

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The tesla model 3 also comes with a front to back all glass proof and a cabin camera.

Another exciting feature is that you need not worry about running low on battery as the model 3 comes with at least two phone charging slots.

An all-wheel drive.

The electric torque has two independent motors that control torque to the front and rear wheels.


Unlike the previous 20in rims, the tesla model 3 comes with 20in Utterbine wheels, a heat pump and a carbon fibre spoiler making the model a real road beast with a 0-60mph acceleration in less than 3.5 seconds.


Tesla’s Model 3 has a long-range battery and comes with an onboard charger with a capacity of 11.5 kilowatts -maximum.


Tesla Model 3 weighs 4065 libra pounds (lbs)


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Currently the tesla model 3 ranges from £40,000 to £59,000 booking itself a comfortable lead among the cheapest EVs on market.

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