The best e-learning platforms in Uganda

Government advised schools and universities to continue with e-learning studies for at least 3 more months. During these times where e-learning has become the norm, its important to know which e-learning platforms in Uganda you can access for online classes. In Uganda there are a number of platforms for students at various levels where they can study, access material for revision and even do tests and we have compiled a list.

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A list of the best e-learning platforms for students.

Gayaza High School eLearning platform.

This is an eLearning platform with learning materials provided by the school and accessible by the public that is its not excluded to only Gayaza High students. There is material for all classes and plenty of study material can be accessed through audios, videos and notes. Students can also be examined through exercises on the platform. The subjects available are Chemistry, Commerce, Biology, Additional Maths, History, Geography, Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, French, Fine Art, Sub Maths, Technical Drawing, Computer science and Agriculture. Go to for access.


What started out as a small discussion group has now grown into an online tutoring platform that helps students excel in their studies. TutorUs is a platform that offers classes at all levels right from Nursery to high school. The platform provides study skills in a flexible manner that best suits the student’s needs that is they can teach online tutoring or personal tutoring whichever is more convenient. A wide range of subjects are taught like Maths, English, History, Geography for O’level and Basic learning like Numbers and the Alphabet for Nursery. Contact them through [email protected] for more information.

Exam Uganda.

Exam Uganda is a website that contains exam questions for all levels that is Primary, Secondary and University. The website basically provides exam questions that are attempted by students and answers are received immediately so its easy to make corrections instantly. Questions on the platform can be single choice, essay type, fill in the blanks and many other forms. Exams from other teachers and instructors that are not on the platform can also be uploaded for the public to access. There are also packages on the site that come at a considerable cost.

The website is special from other e-learning platforms in Uganda as it also provides counselling services for those in need as a way of tackling some of the challenges faced by the youth in Uganda. Go to

It is an e-learning platform that provides education resources to the public at no cost for primary and secondary school students. Understanding that education is quite expensive for many, the website provides free education resources that can be accessed by everyone. It is the largest database for past UNEB papers for candidate classes at all levels and also has revision questions with answers that users can rely on to evaluate themselves. Users can can access the e-library for any content they need like e-books in various subjects. It also offers career guidance and counselling. Such a platform is quite helpful for candidates and also economical since the papers can be downloaded. Go to


Kolibri was introduced by NITA-U in partnership with UNICEF as a free e-learning platform accessible to everyone. It provides content approved by the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC). It covers subjects for O’level students with well presented illustrations and videos that can improve the learner’s experience. It only requires access through the internet and gadgets like a smartphone, laptop or tablet. On logging in, the student has four options; Secondary school, Youth Center, Funza, and Ministry of Education and Sports & Kyambogo University. Go to

Yaaka Digital Network

Yaaka DN is a digital virtual learning portal, another one of e-learning platforms in Uganda where students and trainers who share your interests/ field of study can view or provide class notes, online courses, and communicate with them. It covers a wide range of subjects on all levels of education in Uganda. Yaaka also provides for teachers where they can start collecting cash from courses they put in and charge for. The platform has a framework for you to bring text, audio, video, graphics, etc. resources into courses. It enables teachers to set up classes, put up quizzes, assignments, mark coursework and issue badges or certificates. It provides free content as well as content that’s paid for. Go to

Walktrack Edu platform

The Walktrack Edu Portal is an educational website that provides both teachers and students around Uganda with free & open educational tools. It offers essential secondary and university services, while focus has been put on secondary education. Resources provided by the platform are free and include classroom notes, PowerPoint presentations, question and answer booklets, and past papers. Go to

Other e-learning platforms in Uganda.

There are many more e-learning platforms in Uganda That you will find to get you through the pandemic as many rely on virtual learning. All these are best suited to meet every student’s needs.

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