A new ICT park in Uganda will be constructed in Entebbe to boost innovation

There are ongoing plans for a proposed ICT park in Uganda which will be built in Entebbe. Construction of the UGX 732billion ($200 million) Information Communication Technology Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) park in Entebbe will boost innovation and research in emerging technologies.

The ICT park in Uganda is expected to unveil several opportunities for many Ugandans especially those in ICT related businesses since they will be availed with the resources they need and ably carry out research to boost their ventures.

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The proposed ICT park in Uganda will be constructed under a Public-Private partnership under the keen observation of Uganda’s ICT regulator NITA-U (National Information Technology Authority Uganda).

ICT park in Uganda to create jobs for Ugandans

The assistant project coordinator, Michael Newman Byamugisha said the BPO Park would foster job creation and transfer of knowledge from multinationals to local entrepreneurs, engaged in ICT related businesses upon completion in 2023 according to New Vision.

He said the park will be designed as a special economic zone to attract multinational companies, and in turn, create direct and indirect employment opportunities for Ugandans, as well as build their human resource capacity.

He explained and said, “It will also stimulate the growth of start-ups, and other technologically intensive, knowledge-based businesses, and Provide opportunities for linking research and industrial communities as well. The park will be zoned to accommodate and attract all support functions to IT companies, and such support functions will create more employment opportunities.”

“Without a doubt, this park will also act as an experimental zone for new technologies. The park will be zoned, and equipped with all necessary infrastructures, incentives, logistics and governing entities for the development of new, high -end technologies, experimenting and conducting research in ICT, telecommunication and energy efficiency among others,” he said.

An ICT park comprises an area or location with a concentration of all ICT facilities which enables a concerted leap into the digital age by creating a dynamic environment in which local talent is incubated, cultivated, and shared. ICT parks are best tested and trusted institutional mechanisms to address the needs of technology-intensive, knowledge-based Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) globally.

According to the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy review of Uganda, the ICT industry has grown at an average rate of 19.7 per cent per year during the last five years. However, the business environment is not sufficiently conducive to startups, including those in the ICT sector.

With the construction of an ICT park, the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can receive the support they need directly and indirectly.

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