Week 34: The international tech news this week

The international tech news this week features the recent policy by Onlyfans to ban adult content, a new WhatsApp feature to include message reactions, Google removes cryptocurrency apps from its Play Store and more.

Banned or ‘unbanned’?: the fate of Onlyfans’ explicit content creators: Last week we shared a story about Onlyfans’ policy change that would halt explicit content creators from sharing their content on the platform. This was due to mounting pressure from its banking partners and the need to cooperate as Onlyfans looked forward to acquiring funding from them.

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The policy would mark an end to Onlyfans’ most lucrative venture. Although Onlyfans’ is not limited to explicit content it’s largely known for it. Onlyfans has for long supported explicit content creators as it stated that ‘sex is also work’ but its new policy was to leave sex workers without work.

WhatsApp Working To Bring Emoji Message Reactions To Its App: If you spend enough time using social apps, you get used to certain UX patterns. One example is the ability to react to a message or post — think Instagram or Twitter DMs — but you don’t see it so much with more traditional chat apps. WhatsApp would like to change that, however, and is working to bring message reactions to its app.

WhatsApp update
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Tech Giant Google Removes Malicious Cryptocurrency Apps From Its Playstore: Tech giant Google has now removed as many as 8 malicious apps from its Play Store that were actually portraying themselves as cryptocurrency cloud mining applications. The names include BitFunds, Bitcoin Miner, Bitcoin, Bitcoin (BTC) and more.

Cryptocurrency mining has been getting a lot of eyeballs these days and with increasing interest, there are a lot of evil eyes also that come into the picture. This means these hackers are using this increasing public interest in cryptocurrencies to con innocent netizens and forcing them to install fake apps on their smartphones containing dangerous malware and adware. 

The most recent version of iOS might remove some iPhone’s connectivity: Accessible for half a month, the iOS 14.7.1 update fixed a bug concerning Touch ID and opening an Apple Watch. In any case, this new version is joined by minor and unfortunate amazement for a few.

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Indeed, a few users have been reporting concerns identified with the cellular network. As such, since the iOS 14.7.1 update, some iPhones would lose the network association. Afterward, it is difficult to recuperate the last mentioned, including by resetting the network settings or restarting the cell phone.

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