The top stories this week in tech

The top stories this week in tech feature news like the announcement of plans by the country to start venturing into Space technology after seeking cabinet’s approval, another Gmail outage that left Android users stranded, an insight into smartwatches and what they can do for you and so much more. Let’s take a look at the top stories this week in tech.

Uganda is set venture into space technology after cabinet approves

The country is making big strides by embracing and adopting the ever-growing advancements in technology. Uganda plans to venture into space technology and will be joining East African countries like Kenya and Rwanda that have already made progress in this field and launched their own satellites. The proposal to build a Satellite Station has been approved with the main objective of developing Uganda’s capabilities in a well-coordinated and harmonized manner.

NITA-U has developed an e-licensing system for tree farmers

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The e-licensing system handed over to the National Forestry Authority has features that will enable dissemination of information to farmers, will allow farmers to monitor their harvest, monitor acreage, and make online applications for tree planting. A number of other things this new system will enable include access to information about their application status; make online payments and access payment information among other features according to New Vision.

Gmail down for Android users, many frustrated

Gmail down for Android users according to Down detector, where there were over 370 complaints from Android users as the application was still down. For some users, this is the second outage they are facing after Facebook-owned apps like WhatsApp and Instagram shut down on Friday evening for about 45 minutes leaving many people stranded which was due to apparent technical failures which were fixed within the fastest time possible.

The top 5 smartwatch brands

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Smartwatches could be perceived as a luxury but they also come in handy a number of times with their cool features. You can find your phone or any other devices through the watch’s feature “Find Phone” feature, they are great fitness trackers with the ability to count heart rate, calories, steps etc, and also view your social media notifications.

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