A rundown of the week’s news in tech

A look at the week’s news in tech features the automation of the application process for movement stickers, the announcement to deliver covid-19 relief through mobile money, everything you need to know about the NSSF Hi-Innovator program and more.

Application for movement stickers for essential workers will be done online

application for movement stickers

Essential workers can apply for travel clearance during the total lockdown online. The process is now automated which ensures convenience and avoids gathering of people. The Head of Communications at the Ministry of Works and Transport communicated on Twitter where she said that the process is quick and emphasized the need to pay attention to the email address that people send their requests to.

Ugandans to receive COVID-19 relief through mobile money

Apparently, the relief is directed to the vulnerable poor who can not fend for themselves in times like these. According to the Prime Minister, mobile money vouchers will be sent to local leaders who will then distribute these to the vulnerable poor in their communities. These will then have to go to mobile money agents who will process the withdrawal process and translation into cash.

Here are career opportunities available from the Visiola foundation, Coca Cola and more

Apply now for career opportunities available from Visiola Foundation for a coding bootcamp, a mentorship program from Coca Cola and job opportunity from FAO Uganda.

An insight into MiahUg’s work as it thrives in the prop tech world


Prop tech or property technology is an area in the startup ecosystem that few are aware of or have ventured into in Africa and the world in general. It is an innovative approach to real estate in which technology optimizes the way people research, rent, buy, sell, and manage a property. Emma Akandwanaho, co-founder of MiahUg shares with us what drives his passion for this particular area in technology and how he has managed to thrive.

More of the week’s news in tech

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nssf hi-innovator program

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